Tragically fake? 

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Canada 0;lost” their biggest singer today. Since his brain tumor was announced, he’s had two new albums, a record last tour, honors, awards, medals, social justice warring.

Hope he is found again somewhere, with hair.

I do enjoy his . Was this due to or was it organically good?

Male model in chief can make it rain.

Canada just lost their ass in a trade deal with Trump land. Which story deserves comment from our head cheerleader?

Zach, by the numbers.

2 thoughts on “Tragically fake? 

  1. xileffilex

    It hurts…yea, I bet it hurts a little bit to have that stuff rubbed into your eyes to make you weep on cue. What a fraud. Trudeau might as well have said that Gordie had had his death faked.
    What a circus.

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