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Chernobyl: Two Days in the Exclusion Zone

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More radiation tourists unwittingly confirming the myth without a critical thought.

Three Mile Island should have put up an amusement park. Just recently it was announced that it was closing in 2019, as the state withdraws from the fraud. If only Ontario would be released from this worldwide scam.

This video shows the usual contradiction that is nuclear/unclear science. It’s dangerous yet there are wild horses running around fine. It’s scary yet the food is great. The only thing Chernobyl is evidence of is Soviet economic collapse. Communism can’t work because too many people cheat and steal and nothing gets done. Nuclear science is a hoax and so was this event. A simple urban land clear to cement the myth of nuclear science in the fear center of human minds.

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Victimhood is a big part – the central tug – of all psyOps. It also may be the one thing left to split the truth community. Without real victims, it’s hard to invoke this strong crowd mover.

I’ll let Paul explain. I can’t find his video, but I’ll upload the audio. I may do this from now on, as youtube videos come and go.

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Fetzer on bad sound files

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Despite his nonsense about mini nukes and JFK, some good summaries of the Vegas hoax. Caller Paul from California near the end has some good thoughts on divide and conquer of truthers (he also sounds like he’s in the studio).



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