Touching the third rail

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Questioning any part of this official narrative will lose you friends and family alike. We are told you could even go to jail in Germany. How could anything be so verboten in a free society? Why do people tolerate this? Can they not see the wider implication of such a conspiracy of silence? What deep psychological trigger is pulled in the masses that allows its aceeptance?

Insert ____ denial into any debate and watch how quickly this device shuts down an argument. It is kryptonite to critical thinking and free debate.

The link below questions the official Simon Wiesenthal and Anne Frank narrative.

0; denial, the denial of the systematic genocidal killing of 6 million Jews and people of various ethnic groups in Europe by Germany in the 1930s …”

source: Laws against Holocaust denial – Wikipedia

The Holocaust Denial Victim Shield Card: Hollywood and The Mainstream Media Will Never Let Us Forget World War Two…

For the record, I believe Nazi=nationalism long before it means fascism, genocide, or white power. How the word was wesponized and remains so to this day is a testament to the globalist view of religion and economics.

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2 thoughts on “Touching the third rail

  1. ricky

    These stories play as tragic-comedy for any “Fakeologists,” eh xileffilex? It’s just a constant piling on the “official narrative,” and the irony of making sure the “genocide” won’t be buried under history is the cherry on top of the disdainful mockery hiding in plain sight.

  2. xileffilex

    Look what we’ve got coming……
    October 24 2017
    Architect to the stars Sir David Adjaye was today chosen to design the UK’s new Holocaust Memorial in collaboration with fellow designer Ron Arad, and said he wanted to ensure the genocide was not “buried under history”….The proposed building, which includes an underground learning centre, is marked by 23 tall bronze fins with the spaces in between representing 22 countries where Jewish communities were destroyed by the Nazis.
    book your flight now!…


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