Life is good, but agitprop is a silent killer

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I notice the same tension with my aging parents. They’re so much harder to reach I don’t even want to bother.

Mark writes on this well.

The only negative is not about them. They are like almost everyone in this regard. They seem to be caught up in the flow of tragic events. I could not help but notice a negative backdrop, as if they presume to be the last generation before cataclysm. The planet is going to hell. It is a universal sentiment, and wrong. The planet is in flux, a constant state, and will continue to change, but will not self-immolate. Humans will adapt and survive far into the foreseeable future and beyond.

As I like to say, sit back and relax and get ready to enjoy Canadian wine.

Further, the “me too” that followed the Harvey Weinstein hoax appears to have hit its mark … universal victimhood. Women are victims of men rather than active participants in life. Sure there is some grabbing and groping, often inappropriate but not devastating to the human psyche. Women know that men watch them, want them, and they like it that way. Their job appears to be allurement and enticement, allowing them to pick and choose which advances they will entertain and which not. They don’t actively seek male attention. Like men, they like fantasy but then step back before fingers get burned.

They don’t have to seek attention. They only need to manage it. It might be a game of dare, but it is one that almost everyone plays, even in the retirement homes. It makes life so much more enjoyable.

The pedophilia and rape regimes that have been the focus of news are fake … but I emphasize again that pedophiles and rapists are real. Murder is real, and happens every day, but for purposes of agitprop is blown out of proportion into fake mass shooting events, and prior to that fake serial killers. The same applies to pedophilia and rape … these things are real, so always watch your back. But for agitation purposes they are waaaay overblown.

The object appears to be that constant state of tension we feel all about us. Pessimism about the future and fear about the present … this seems the norm. It is no way to live. It is what the overlords want, as it keeps us distracted and prevents us from engaging our brains. I am not the first to notice that these hoax mass shootings easily fall apart on close examination. I also notice that very few people seem capable of exercising the critical judgment necessary to do that examination.

So the message here is optimism. Life is as good as we want to make it. It offers a thousand ways to be happy, and an equal number if paths towards pessimism, anger, and agitation. It is a choice. It is within our power to be happy, or not.…

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6 thoughts on “Life is good, but agitprop is a silent killer

  1. xileffilex

    I’ve seen even experienced myself, this imputed “everything is fake” low level intel attack before, an attempt to shut down research into fake/staged/hoaxed events reported in the media. Where is this leading? Everything Ab chooses to write about here from the huge corpus of media reported events is probably fake in some or all aspects.

  2. ricky

    @gaia, You make some good points, but that’s the crux of the matter isn’t it, taking the position that everything presented in the media is fake is unrealistic, we see the rain is falling, there are fires that are real, I’ve seen sharks in the water, many in my family have actually died, etc. etc. It’s hard to sort through the avalanche of information dumped daily, fake or real. On one point I agree with your’ perspective, self determination will become less and less viable, some disturbing trends are progressing and they are real, just because things are possible now doesn’t mean they will be in the future.

    1. gaia

      The thing is to separate the fakes from real life.

      Those perverts stage hoaxes, there is no doubt about that and it’s important to analyze, realize and scrutinize.

      But at the same time they hope someone like Mark Tokarski comes along and says EVERYTHING is fake. The exact phrase shills and critical peers hold against us. So he’s playing the role of a gatekeeper, which destroys everything he built up before, a real shame, because the foundation looked solid…

      My last post to him was banned from his blog, as I still think there’s some lessons to learn, I post it here:

      “Your reasoning is false. The fact they fake certain events (and I am happy to help to expose those ones) does not mean “everything is fake”. And that’s the path you obviously have chosen. I am wondering if it is out of provocative trolling or really deliberate misdirection (I hope and assume the former, Skink thought it was the latter, but I give you the benefit of the doubt), but you are doing a lot of harm to truth seeking with this attitude.

      We had a discussion here lately about our friends who do not want to investigate these hoaxes. One of their points brought up is “yeah, you think everything is fake”. “No, I don’t, but that many stories presented by the media are staged, not necessarily fake, is not my fault”. And I direct my friends and other contacts here to your blog. And then what do they read here? “It’s all fake guys, sleep well, communism wasn’t bad, that was just propaganda, Mao Zedong was not some sick psychopath flooding complete villages of Chinese farmers, but actually a great guy! Pol Pot? Marvelous type!” I am paraphrasing.

      You wrote a piece about the staged coup of 2002 in Venezuela. And yes, it certainly looks manufactured. But that is only the background hands. The hands-on experience of the people was certainly real. Friends of mine were fired from one day to the other just because they voted for the opposition. Bang, job gone, further labor prospects gone (because they track your voting records). Are you telling me my friends are liars? Have you been to Venezuela? It’s an extremely dangerous place with unimaginable unnecessary (the country is theoretically rich, fertile and prosperous) poverty just because of those socialists (just commies with a different suit on). And that they are controlled in the back doesn’t change anything. “Yeah, you shouldn’t complain Federico, because Chávez and Maduro are not really socialists, so you don’t suffer either!”

      Are you saying the story Vexman kindly translated on his blog about Ko?evski Rog is ALL fake? Those thousands of skeletons found in those caves were just people who jumped in out of happiness, because, well, “life is so good” (in the comfy cabin, so everywhere else too)? Or is every single skull and bone of those skeletons fake? Just some intern busy with plaster and nobody notices?

      Look at the Holocaust. The Holocaust was in essence a project by Zionists, disguised as Nazis; NaZionists, to kidnap and transport millions of people who were happily living in Europe to the “Holy” Land by force. It was not a directed mass murder with gas chambers and lampshades etc., that has been debunked extensively.

      But, does that mean it’s not horrible? How would you like it if a foreign force comes occupying Colorado, invades your home, kidnaps you, your wife, kids, grandchildren, transports you by train to Canada, puts you in a forced labor camp in the freezing cold with thousands of others and let you suffer from typhus, malnutrition and other “inconveniences” you didn’t count on safely speaking from your mountain estate? People really died because of that, putting them in concentration camps and have diseases around. Or are you saying nobody got kidnapped, nobody died, nobody got transported, it’s just all a hoax, folks!?

      You get the benefit of the doubt that you are just trolling and provoking on Friday eve, but if you really think that everything is fake, horrible regimes are “not at all bad” and people didn’t die, then I fear you’re way beyond salvation, even with this “it’s all cozy and nice people, they only lie to us, they don’t kill” attitude… “

      1. ab Post author

        I like Mark’s work. I too take the position that EVERYTHING is faked or manipulated that is promoted by the major media. To what extent is the question and what I try and dissect. Mark’s big idea topics are what I like the most of his writing. The face splitting comparison doesn’t convince me, but it’s his model for better or for worse. If people like Blue Moon are writing there, then I know Mark has enough good points to keep reading him. Don’t make this comment section a flame war zone please. Argue his points, not his personality.

  3. gaia

    I saw Mark as a smart guy, but he has completely lost it and went on the controlled opposition “everything is fake!” trail. Pity.

    The fact that certain hoaxes are set and part of history is staged does not mean “it’s all fake, nobody dies, EVER”.

    He reasons from a luxury position, in his comfy cabin in Colorado. Real horrors are real, people are suffering in this world, that that is not the case with Mark “I am safe, so nobody should complain” Tokarski, is fortunate for him but no argument.

    Real pity, because I liked his blog and research he has done, but he went completely bananas, check out his “communism was not at all bad” bullshit.

  4. ricky

    I agree with a lot that’s presented here, my off the cuff theory is the degree which people are adopting a “negative backdrop” is proportionate to the years television, talk radio and Hollywood movies were the primary delivery sources of “information” throughout their lives. I’m an old Fakeologist, 64, I find people in my age range are almost hopeless to reach, I started watching TV at age 6. My parents if still alive would be 102, they started watching TV at age 45, after going through the depression and WW2, they never adopted the “I believe everything I see on TV mindset,” my dad probably saw me as a “normie,” LOL! The critical question for the future is if younger generations can break free of this media stranglehold.

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