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Untouched or photoshop? The real or fake debate comes up from time to time. This falls under the half-truth debate – if half is true, does that make the who thing fake?

These are real men (I think) but are they really posing high up without safety harnesses? I think not.

DTLA – The 73-story Wilshire Grand replacement project had already altered the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. On Saturday, Sept. 3, however, it made history: It officially became the tallest building

Source: An Amazing View of the Wilshire Grand Spire | News |

Reminds me of this infamous pic.

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3 thoughts on “Photo fake phun

  1. tokarski

    Boy, if these are fakes, they are very good fakes. I try to put myself in the shoes of the photographer, and cannot figure out, as in the first and third photos they are standing or sitting atop the highest structure in LA, where the photographer was positioned to be able to take a photo looking down on him/them. If he is in a helicopter, it must be some distance away and he must have a very good camera.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    ‘are they posing high up without safety harnesses?’
    Where does it claim they are posing without safety harnesses? I don’t know if the picture is real or not, but surely if it is real their harnesses would be firmly clipped into the holes we see around the top piece ( as seen in the image of the two) before posing for the picture? I’d suggest they’d be complete idiots if they weren’t and anyone claiming they weren’t would look equally foolish.


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