Comrade Fidel WAS a fraud

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Best way to stifle a revolution is to lead a controlled one yourself.

Comrade Fidel WAS a fraud He was a CIA agent I blogged about Comrade Fidel in December 2016 and asked the question: Was Comrade Fidel a fraud? The Cuba story makes no sense:… I based that blog on my trip to Cuba in 2011, plus some less well known facts about Fidel and some very well known facts about the capability of the US military and spooks. I now know the answer to my earlier question:

Source: the thoughts of chairman pete: Comrade Fidel WAS a fraud

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1 thought on “Comrade Fidel WAS a fraud

  1. xileffilex

    Pete also writes about Muammar Gaddafi,who managed to expel the US from his country [as if….] in 1969. Perhaps he will realise that the Sandhurst educated Colonel was cut from the same cloth as Comrade Fidel, as too was Saddam Hussein [two fake deaths there straight off and I don’t mean Fidel’s] My suspicion is that these were large scale human laboratory experiments which were called in. East Germany is a fascinating aspect of the Cold War psy-op which deserves more study.


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