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Hookers, blow, subs and nukes

like this

There’s so much fakery in this story I don’t know where to begin.

Psyop writers must get fun assignments here and there.

Nine British servicemen have been thrown off a nuclear submarine at the centre of a sex probe, after testing positive for cocaine while on duty.

In one of the worst scandals to hit the Navy, the crew from HMS Vigilant – which carries the Trident nuclear deterrent – were sent home and kicked out of the service after the class A drug was found in their blood.


H/t noagendaplayer.com

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Beware the overpass

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I always preferred underpasses.

I noted how many Detroit overpasses had complete cages over them to prevent rock throwing.

Here’s a story highlighting a 6 lb rock. Who would think to weigh such a thing?

Is this story coded for fakery?

The group of teens, aged 15-17, were arraigned in Genesee County district courtroom. They are accused of throwing a 6-pound rock off an overpass near Flint, Michigan, on October 18, fatally injuring 32-year-old Kenneth White.


More overpass stories via John Adams

www.washingtonpost.com/local/p… @Fakeologist Fake story?I like the irony she had a passion for working with children with behavioral problems and she is killed by a 12 year old trying to commit suicide. There are other b.s. details in there that sound dubious…

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