HBC 549-Hoax Busters-Stop the Bleeding

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Chris’ back.

0;We’ll have to vote harder next time”

Next time Lyn calls, can someone please ask if it’s male or female?

Still looking for the second shooter from JFK, Oklahoma, Vegas, Sandy Hoax… OJ.

Chris had only one donor this show(me). If noagenda can raise $30,000 in one show, regular listeners could pony up at least $100 for the closest truth out there.

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3 thoughts on “HBC 549-Hoax Busters-Stop the Bleeding

  1. xileffilex

    There seems to be a connection between cities appointing Chief Resilience Officers and hoaxes.
    e.g. Melbourne, Miami Dade County, Manchester, Boston
    Still no sign of London appointing one, although there are minuted meetings available
    The Grenfell Tower fire psy-op is a key item on the agenda for hoax management.
    6.6. London Fire Brigade – It was noted that the EUR exercise had proved a useful tool in assisting
    in the multi-agency working at Grenfell. There were many issues which arose in regard to
    specialised response capabilities and the repeat exposure of some key individuals and it was
    asked that the LRG consider this further outside of the meeting.
    6.7. ACTION: The LRG consider specialised response capabilities
    [The chief of the London Fire Brigade, Dani Cotton, was no-show at the meeting. The EUR was a large scale disaster drill in February 2016, given wide publicity]
    Minutes of two subsequent meetings to date are not available.

    This Resilience nonsense was highlighted at the long disappeared Sandy Hook Truth blog back in 2013

  2. smj


    let’s see, lincoln was killed in a theatre by the brother of the most famous actor in america, edwin booth. the narrative says edwin had saved lincoln’s son from getting run over by a train…

    “The incident occurred while a group of passengers were late at night purchasing their sleeping car places from the conductor who stood on the station platform at the entrance of the car. The platform was about the height of the car floor, and there was of course a narrow space between the platform and the car body. There was some crowding, and I happened to be pressed by it against the car body while waiting my turn. In this situation the train began to move, and by the motion I was twisted off my feet, and had dropped somewhat, with feet downward, into the open space, and was personally helpless, when my coat collar was vigorously seized and I was quickly pulled up and out to a secure footing on the platform. Upon turning to thank my rescuer I saw it was Edwin Booth, whose face was of course well known to me, and I expressed my gratitude to him, and in doing so, called him by name.”

    …edwin was also member of one of the greatest cast ever assembled when he costarred with henry edwards in a production of hamlet. the booth’s father was named after marcus junius brutus, ceasar’s assassin of course…

    “A testimonial production of Hamlet was mounted at the Metropolitan Opera House on May 21, 1888, to celebrate the life and accomplishments of an aging Lester Wallack, and to raise money to ease the chronic sciatica that arrested his career. “One of the greatest casts ever assembled”[30] was formed into a company composed of Edwards as the priest, Edwin Booth as Hamlet, Lawrence Barrett as the ghost, Frank Mayo as the king, John Gibbs Gilbert as Polonius, Rose Coghlan as the player queen and Helena Modjeska as Ophelia. Other stars made cameo appearances, and Wallack was assisted up onto the stage to address the standing room crowd at intermission. Notables such as Mayor Hewitt and General Sherman were in attendance. More than $10,000 was raised for Wallack’s care. In the following months, Edwards teamed with other actors and Wallack’s wife to help him write his memoir;[43] Wallack died in September.[30].”

    …google the bohemian grove and henry edwards, enjoy. anyways, edwin had his own theatre too…
    “On April 8, 1868, after the removal of several old structures and blasting out an unexpected “stone ledge” at the corner of Twenty Third and Sixth Avenue, Edwin Booth, after “Masonic observances”, laid the cornerstone for his new theatre.”

    …and as his brother pretended to smoke ole abe; the other booth brother, juius jr., was performing for the prince of wales we’re told…

    “Junius Brutus Booth Jr. himself was briefly imprisoned in Washington, DC, after his brother assassinated Abraham Lincoln. At the time of the assassination, he was fulfilling an acting engagement at Pike’s Opera House in Cincinnati before Edward, Prince of Wales. Even so, he was arrested and hurried by train to the Old Capitol Prison, where he was interrogated and released.”

    not only do they not hide shit; they display their hustlin’ arts prominently and proudly. and why not; when its the gullible apes themselves that insist the hustle be true.

  3. xileffilex

    Great chat. Most interesting for me was Chris’ section on Resilience, and the Resilience Dividend
    , a recent Rockefeller baby. I’m surprised more people aren’t asking WTF is going on here worldwide.
    100 resilient cities….

    Resilience strategiers, Chief Resilience Officers….
    It seems to me like a cloak for terror drills to keep us all scared, a continually changing city of focus world wide.
    The “resilience strategy” is littered with nebulous Newspeak

    I think there’s a clue here…

    At the world’s first-ever CRO Summit in New Orleans in November 2014, we launched the 100RC CRO Network to help break down barriers to sharing solutions and creative problem solving. This incredible event [Watch the video here] provided the first cohort of CROs the opportunity to come together for four intensive days to learn from one another and the living laboratory of New Orleans

    home to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Manchester was recruiting a Chief Resilience Officer in April 2017.Guess what happened the next month. Dr Kathy Oldham OBE appointed July 2017

    London has joined the 100 Rockefeller cities but curiously hasn’t appointed a CRO.

    One form of dividend is produced by people in on these events being able to take advantage of stock market movements caused by synthetic disasters.

    Here’s Toronto’s Chief Resilience Officer, appointed June 2017
    Elliott Cappell, who previously served as head of climate-change strategy at an international policy development firm, will help the city prepare for catastrophic events.”

    also ex-UN, ex-World Bank…


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