Lost at sea hoax

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Update 10/31/17 – Even non-skeptics see holes you could drive trucks through in the story. Could they be reading fakeologist.com?

The dramatic story of two Honolulu women who were lost at sea for nearly six months before being rescued by the U.S. navy played out on front pages and websites worldwide. But in the days since, inconsistencies in their account have come to light and some of their story has changed.


Not all hoaxes are bad news. These ladies look awfully well fed after supposedly dining on seawater and gruel.

The media complex once more plumbing the depths of gullibility.

Two American women lost at sea for five long months have been rescued after a broken mast and a disabled engine took them thousands of miles off course.

Jennifer Appel, 48, and friend Tasha Fuiava were found by a Taiwanese fishing vessel around 900 miles southeast of Japan, the U.S. Navy said Thursday. A Navy ship based out of Sasebo, Japan, rescued them on Wednesday morning time.


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3 thoughts on “Lost at sea hoax

  1. ricky

    I just finished an e-mail exchange with my brother in law, a non fakeologist, (loves Hillary, hates Trump.) However, a for real experienced sailor with thousands of miles in the open Pacific under his belt. He’s calling bullshit on this story, it’s too much, even for him! LOL!!

  2. xileffilex

    A Feel-good hoax. No dog was eaten in the course of this fake story. Your Pacific cruise fully sponsored by the media and public taxation. A very obvious one!


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