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Casey says it’s real

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I admit to still watching Casey. He and his (not admitted to) team do some amazing videos. One thing I noticed that almost every NYC video he does includes the new One World Trade Center, even if it’s just a flash.

Clearly he’s being used to appeal to a whole new audience to sell psyOps. Sadly, he’s good at it.

View topic – New York Truck Attack 31-Oct-17 Hallowe’en! • Cluesforum.info

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Argumentum ad verecundiam

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We need to learn how to argue with fallacies.

Appeal to Authority argumentum ad verecundiam (also known as: argument from authority, appeal to false authority, appeal to unqualified authority, argument from false authority, ipse dixit) Description: Using an authority as evidence in your argument when the authority is not really an authority on the facts relevant to the argument.  As the audience, allowing an irrelevant authority to add credibility to the claim being made.

Source: Appeal to Authority

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FAC379-Mahatma Coat, Ab, Notsofreemason, Wantruth4now

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Introducing a new voice. Good start to November.

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2 November

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