Casey says it’s real

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I admit to still watching Casey. He and his (not admitted to) team do some amazing videos. One thing I noticed that almost every NYC video he does includes the new One World Trade Center, even if it’s just a flash.

Clearly he’s being used to appeal to a whole new audience to sell . Sadly, he’s good at it.

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2 thoughts on “Casey says it’s real

  1. simonshack

    Just as a reminder – here’s an old post of mine (from July 2016) about the clown.

    “T. Satanic Eyes” (aka “Casey Neistat”):…

    And please, everyone – don’t call me a “jew-basher”. It really isn’t my top priority to point out how much jewishness is involved in media fakery – yet it simply cannot be avoided, however hard one tries! Sure, jews may have been chosen by the Nutwork to “play the scapegoats”, but they are undeniably loving it!

  2. ricky

    I couldn’t even stomach the whole video, he is a good salesman, no doubt. What a brave, tough guy he is, defying death and mayhem over all these years, a real “New York strong” individual, giving strength and comfort to all his stupid followers, I really hate these types.

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