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New voice DaveJ comes to fakeologist.

Great interview with established fakeologists… also Mahatma coat.

JRAdams857Today at 2:44 PM
What the Third Wave quote is getting at is as Industrial based society is shut down ( on purpose), and technology becomes the economic driver, people will be merged into a new world and the shocks will lead them into archaic revivals which when fused with the cult of technology…. Will be the new religion. Technology will simultaneously be your belief, your job, your life…your wife.

NotSoFreeMason-Today at 4:00 PM

New Fakeologist participant Dave J’s YouTube channel : www.youtube.com/channel/UCAPt3…


Dave J

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmitie…

Herose-Today at 4:18 PM

@NotSoFreeMason Thanks for the Dave J reference. Just subscribed. Looking forward to a little consumption from a new Fakeologist. Hope you’re doing well. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Just that time of the year for my bitnez.

NotSoFreeMason-Today at 4:27 PM

No worries, glad to hear biz is boomin @Herose . I see you’ve been busy; jet-set; and hobnobbin with the Hollywood Elite…just a day in the life of @Herose

Herose-Today at 4:31 PM

Ha! Yeah, it’s awesome being me. Conference after conference…flight after flight…picking up everyone’s germs and being sick as a dog half the time. A day in the life! I just want to get back to normal…and one day Make good on my offer to visit you in Orlando and drink adult beverages!

NotSoFreeMason-Today at 4:33 PM

Whenever…I don’t drink tho

Fakeologist-Today at 4:47 PM

@napoleon wilson can’t hear @mahatma coat

NotSoFreeMason-Today at 5:07 PM




Duelin’ Firemen


DEVO: 9/11 & Timothy Leary

WEDDING From TMZ The co-founder of Devo and his bride hung their faces off a Twin Towers cake to celebrate their marriage with th…

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11 thoughts on “FAC381-Notsofreemason, DaveJ, Napoleon Wilson

  1. xileffilex

    Hmmm Dave J “”mysterious theorist” according to the Toronto Sun. I like that.
    Top of the mysterious theorist google search in fact. Closely followed by CH Hinton 1853-1907.
    A rare breed, the mysterious theorist.
    Bring him on, Ab. I always enjoyed his videos and his mantra ” Nobody died, nobody got hurt.” He was never wrong there.

  2. ricky

    I also found the chat reasonable and was not aware of the background Tom presents, the only thing that sounded odd was Daves’ take on 911, in that what should have happened was a public demolition in the form of a street party. This misses the whole point , these towers were constructed for the purpose of creating the 911 hoax, with all it’s ramifications. In other words, a demolition street party should be impossible to even consider given what we now know.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Oh, interesting. Dave J, the former prolific youtuber. A guy along who along with his ‘mate’ Jungle Bullshitter appeared in none other than mainstream newspaper the Toronto Sun back in 2016.

    To quote you at the time Ab ”His more off the wall buddy Dave Johnson (who seems to mock the vicsim idea by attaching crazy to it) can probably say an old video of his now went viral. Not sure which MSM outlet set the ball rolling.”

    So Dave’s Youtube channel has disappeared ? This is probably a good idea from the point of view of him making a comeback because there was enough crap on there to expose him as the agent he’s always appeared to be and that his exposure in the mainstream media seemingly confirmed.

    Did any of the other Discord audio users ( who presumably must be well-aware of him unless they’ve not been paying attention for the last few years ) call-him -out on it or was his past not mentioned? I suppose I should listen to the audio but I tend to switch off when I can’t take the person seriously.

    Of course we know how agents of obfuscation often work, by now. They feed us a bunch of interesting and credible stuff to draw-us-in and then attach it to a load of bollocks, as we say in the U.K.
    I’ve been completely convinced Dave J is one of those for years so he should act as a good marker for anyone here who takes him seriously (Hi UNreal ! ) for they are, for sure, either taken-in by him or playing-along.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Oh yeh. Old Dallas Goldbug’s a good talker too. These guys can be really compelling and actually quite informative, to a point.
        But with Dave, I think we’ve been there, seen it and done it, if you will Ab.
        Exposure in The Toronto Sun ? isn’t that ‘game set and match’ ?

    1. John le Bon

      Some excellent points there, Tom.

      Let’s not forget that old mate Dave J accused yours truly of being ‘Tristan’ (a real-life friend of Gino) in not one but several videos. What was his evidence? We both have beards and wear beanies.

      That was the sum total of his evidence.

      What kind of a man makes and uploads YouTube videos accusing a low-level YouTuber of being some other guy? Think about this seriously for a moment. This is the level of insanity we are dealing with on a regular basis, when we engage with the YouTube ‘truth’ crowd and associated acts.

      That said, I have no beef with Dave J. There are aspects of his shtick which I like. Those with critical minds are encouraged to check out Dave J’s appearance on Crrow777 about 18 months ago. Yes, Crrow is a poor man’s Alex Jones, but if you can look beyond that, you’ll likely find that it is a fascinating interview. This was when Dave J had ‘quit’, because he had moved beyond ‘truth’. For all of his flaws, Dave’s sentiments in that show are worth consideration. What do we really gain from talking ‘truth’ anyway?

      More broadly, is Dave J being serious or taking the piss? Is he an ‘agent’? I don’t know. I have met too many seemingly-intelligent people who occasionally (even regularly) act like legit retards to assume that, just because somebody acts ‘suspiciously’, they must be an ‘agent’.

      Seems plausible to me that Dave J has smoked too much of that dank bud he used to show off on camera.

      Make no mistake, too much of de herb can make a mess of anybody’s grey matter.

      If you are out there, Dave, good luck to you, hombre. My old mate Tristan says to say ‘hello’.

  4. UNreal

    Interesting to hear Dave Johnson (Dave J) on Fakeologist Audiochat – he’d equally make a good guest for a dedicated radio-show.

    Dave J has touched on many controversial topics and has at times “stirred up” part of the the alternative YT scene. His research is pretty extensive and he’s been on the forefront of research into state-terror, war, flat earth, transvestigations and Egypt where his material was a breakthrough for me as he showed through original drafts and photos how the pyramids have “grown” and changed since the time of Napoleon’s excursions into Egypt (1798-1801).

    Personally i’m not a huge YT follower so i’ve not familiar with all of the work Dave J has done on video and so far i’ve not heard Dave Johnson on radio or podcast either. Initially my personal skepticism of religion made Dave J’s videos sometimes hard to watch and his battle with YT and temporary withdrawal some time ago equally made his material difficult to find.

      1. UNreal

        Great – as Xileffilex so well wrote above :

        A rare breed, the mysterious theorist.

        As mentioned by JLB – Dave J has indeed been on radio with Crrow 777 and the interviews are interesting although a tad heavy on numerology and synchromysticism – the discussion between Napoleon, Notsofremason & Dave J in the Discord audio chat is more on topics where Dave J’s research become really relevant to fakeology.

        Not that numbers are not part of the Elites language – but the fact is that the interpretation of numbers is so imprecise it will always be able to serve a great variety of interpretations and meanings – a little bit like mathematics that is used to explain deep space, satellites, earth’s curvature and the grocery bill.

        Crrow777 Radio Episode 007 (with Dave J)

        Crrow777 Radio Episode 033 (with Dave J)

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