Texas 26

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Who needs Sunday night football to talk about at the Monday morning watercolor when we have Sunday shooting ?

You can bet there are plenty more scripts in the can just ready to roll out and keep those federal subsidies to impoverished-by-design police forces, counties, and states.

The man authorities have identified as the gunman in a mass shooting at a church was discharged from the Air Force for allegedly assaulting his spouse and child, according to an Air Force spokeswoman.


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3 thoughts on “Texas 26

  1. Jack33

    A good rule of thumb is, if the news programs are reporting on it, there’s a 98% chance It’s a fabricated, scripted event.

    The news programs are such an integral part of the false reality they’re trying to promote, they wouldn’t want to waste any of that precious time reporting on anything organic.

    When you stop and think about the sheer number of scripted shooting events they’ve rolled out since 2012, (S. Hook), I don’t see how they’d even have enough time to report on anything organic anymore.

    1. ab Post author

      As soon as it hit the news I assumed it was fake. When will the majority catch on to the idea that ALL MAJOR SHOOTINGS/TERRORIST EVENTS ARE STAGECRAFT? The media lost its credibility for good on 9/11. It can never be trusted again.

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