FAC382-Masonic marathon

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Welcome to the longest audiochat ever. I dare you to press play.

We have, not in order, Misom, Notsofreemason, Anounceofsalt, Ab, Red Lion, Typo, Napoleon Wilson, TheNovaScotian, DaveJ, TomD, Gaia, SMJ, Unreal.

Feel free to drop comments below on what we talked about, because the conversation was so wide ranging that it’s hard to capture.

We did talk to a 3rd degree master mason, and gave him the 3rd degree. Thanks for giving us some info, Red Lion.

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8 thoughts on “FAC382-Masonic marathon

  1. ricky

    I’m only halfway through, it’s very good overall. The intelligence and willingness to hear new information on the part of NovaScotion was impressive, especially for someone that young, tip of the hat to DaveJ for his contribution in that regard, as “Unreal” alluded to. Ab is so subtle and calm presenting his perspective, you can sometimes overlook it, as in his conversation with Gaia. Looking forward to listening the rest tomorrow.

    1. thenovascotian

      Thanks so much, Ricky! It was a real spur of the moment thing, I was not expecting to be interviewed haha.

      I had one of the best times in a long time talking to everyone yesterday.

      After everyone passed out, me and Zerozeros stayed up and chatted for 6 more hours!

  2. UNreal

    Ten hours four minutes put this Audio-Chat (AC) on par with 5 radioshows – close to overwhelming… I do believe there was a Xmas show some years ago that might have been just as long (around 13h as i recall it) .

    The single file format in this case is a bit impractical, but this podcast stays true to the AC nature : a take-it or leave-it loose form discussion between a large variety personalities and topics in (mostly) good spirit and a commun interest in Fakeology – albeit to a varying degree.

    It is good to hear numerous new members and that experienced researchers make the effort to level with the various participants (well.. still got 5h worth of audio unplayed..) .

    1. ab Post author

      Yes the file may be big but it’s easier for most to deal with one file than multiple files. Thanks for pointing out that there are bigger files here. Great to hear so many new voices.


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