FAC383-John Adams, Ab, Zerozeros

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Also featuring Napoleon Wilson, Anounceofsalt, Delcroix, Rochello, Abyz

Another good call with many voices.
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5 thoughts on “FAC383-John Adams, Ab, Zerozeros

  1. Zero Zeros

    Thanks fakeologists. It’s hard to find anyone to chat with about faking it in our world or in general, being real about fake. I guess I have an interest with a lot of twists and turns these days about media spheres and volcanos. In any event, I made a quick transcript below of some key takeaways. For that older day’s show I joined, check out FAC372-ZeroZeros,Ab,Tom,Napoleon,Notsofreemason,Wantruth4now,Typo which included 9/11, genetics, and “evolution” of language.

    In the first part after John Adams talked about a recent Texas shooting story, we went into what is Fakeologist.com, so far:
    1) make humans more literate about how our culture is affected and guided with media by passing this information around and have fun doing so, along with learning from eachother
    2) find out where we’re being guided and by who. ~”Most people only look forward; now we’re looking back to see what the stories we were told mean, their significance, and what’s real.”
    3) learn about what change can happen to media and wider
    4) get a handle on stresses caused by harmful media and cope with day to day culture shifts (fakeology + healthology, Fakeologist Miracle Workers and telehealth)

    Tall v Short. Deep v Shallow. Titanic’s monolith.

    Around 1:30 Rochello got into “they want us to know”, youtube composite characters and frontmen (more later with Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Cervantes), and the next Alex Jones as a Fakeologist.

    Around 2:30 we talked about how “information agents” seed communities with insights that will spread wider later on, eg Secrets in Plain Sight.

    Around 2:58 we talked about sacrifice and leisure v challenge.

    I talked to NotSoFreeMason the day before, about wanting to understand how and why our world is upside down, and that I just found this clip which seemed like it had a deep point in its subtle communication as to the why, “Flight” (2012 film) crash scene.

    That’s it for this.

    // Give a zero, take a zero

    Phil Blanks

    1. UNreal

      It is nice of you to fill in the blanks Phil Blanks – aka 00s.

      I’m not sure just how naive you find alternative researchers to be, but your false discourse being ‘oh so new’ to Fakeology and your reticence to wilfully contribute with any opinions is a bit tiresome. By choosing such a pun-full name and being so familiar with so many conspiracy outlets and researchers (Hoax busters, Master Mason Miles Mathis, José Barrera) as well as linguistics & rhetoric makes it very clear how you really mock us – quietly giving away how you at the same time seem to think yourself to be so ahead of us all with the sophistry and discernable duping delight.

      Thank’s for not trolling us further by pretending to be ‘all new and estranged‘ to alternative research & actually contribute with some information from the side you really come from (if you should stay around under same pseudo & fake name).

      1. Zero Zeros

        Well, honestly I don’t mean to make a scene by stepping on your toes. I simply asked Tim a question in one of the private rooms, which he offered to answer in public since others might also have that same interest – why and how to do this. But I am a crazy guy, for sure, and stumbling in/to this while kinda enjoying this roulette-wheeled chance to share some of what I have been researching when asked for that (“what do you believe” is a nearly impossible question to answer right without anything more to go on). So even if I’m not one of those 00 agents and just double checking some numbers, then I hope I provided something beneficial.

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