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We have, in no order, Napoleon Wilson, Delcroix, Anounceofsalt, JamesM, Notsofreemason, Mahatma Coat

ZalYesterday at 5:28 AM

simon really did a job on everyone coming from
they all seem to argue for bigger stationary balls
just change the wording
not even sure they realize it themselves

FakeologistYesterday at 6:44 AM

Please elaborate @Zal

ZalYesterday at 6:47 AM

just something i extrapolated from the above conversation
it sounded very very similar to how kham started
except with less math

willardYesterday at 10:43 AM

@smj do you know about how far into the last 10 he chat you began speaking? I would like to fast forward to it thanks,


anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 7:00 PM

i am bailing out again

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:00 PM



delcroixYesterday at 7:40 PM

that’s not peekay :grinning:

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:40 PM



FakeologistYesterday at 7:58 PM

ZalYesterday at 8:00 PM

the utøya movie is coming soon
and no im not kidding


FakeologistYesterday at 8:00 PM

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 8:16 PM

@Zal come and tok

ZalYesterday at 8:16 PM

its 2:16 in the night

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:16 PM

zal hurry

FakeologistYesterday at 8:16 PM

@JamesM too

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:16 PM

brent spiner is here

ZalYesterday at 8:17 PM

tell him i think he phoned it in on the enterprise 2 parter

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:17 PM


FakeologistYesterday at 8:17 PM

@GoldenSkidmark Hi this is GS from Perth Australia and you’re listening to fakeologist radio on fakeologist.com(edited)

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:17 PM


JamesMYesterday at 8:18 PM

wouldnt want to spoil a good thing.. according to Typo i’m a 0;disruptor”

FakeologistYesterday at 8:18 PM

don’t worry about Typo

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:18 PM

famous last words

FakeologistYesterday at 8:19 PM

@JamesM you’ve got a pass with me after calling in to the Humble and Fred show

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:20 PM

that was a remarkable call into talk to ab well worth a play

JamesMYesterday at 8:20 PM

only joking man :smiley: thanks Ab

delcroixYesterday at 8:21 PM

send that pass to aer lingus ab

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:21 PM

delcroixYesterday at 8:21 PM

:grinning: hi james

JamesMYesterday at 8:21 PM



FakeologistYesterday at 8:23 PM

Fakeologist – Today at 8:17 PM @GoldenSkidmark Hi this is GS from Perth Australia and you’re listening to fakeologist radio on fakeologist.com(edited)

1:16 mark

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 8:29 PM


JamesMYesterday at 8:35 PM

don’t be too cunning @delcroix

delcroixYesterday at 8:37 PM


JamesMYesterday at 8:38 PM

worse than matt boyland.. that’s my tagline from now on

delcroixYesterday at 8:39 PM

mr bean was more than the sum of his parts lol

JRAdams857Yesterday at 9:42 PM

@delcroix is that George Noory?

delcroixYesterday at 9:46 PM

@JRAdams857 lol
oops john
it is george man!

delcroixYesterday at 10:00 PM

dream on

JRAdams857Yesterday at 10:10 PM

mahatma coatYesterday at 10:12 PM

haha, that’s Tom Sekky’s mam

JRAdams857Yesterday at 10:12 PM

@mahatma coat Hahahahaha!
@mahatma coat(edited)

mahatma coatYesterday at 10:21 PM


mahatma coatYesterday at 10:35 PM

@JRAdams857 SingalongaSecky www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS6oAB…

November 12, 2017

TheNovaScotianToday at 12:24 AM

That man defines posh yo
His voice is what I think of when I think of that word

delcroixToday at 1:13 AM

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7 thoughts on “FAC385-Ab, Goldenskidmark and friends

  1. xileffilex

    An interesting comment from Barb at PoM

    I didn’t know about the case
    but it shares some aspects with a few UK based child disappearance/murder hoaxes/media circuses/legal gold mines which were in vogue in the early 2000s
    It is indeed tantalising that the perpetrator, allegedly locked up in San Quentin has to answer letters and turn up for scheduled visits. I guess they tell us when we can visit.

  2. Zero Zeros

    53 min – about faceless corporations with anacronym names
    “An anacronym is an acronym or an abbreviation so old or familiar that no one remembers what its letters stand for, such as BASIC or COBOL . By the way, an “acronym” is not just any abbreviation. It’s a word that is short for other words, usually using their initial letters.”

  3. ricky

    This is a concept new to me, other than the twin towers being used as prop. It does make perfect sense however, very few had access, yet there it was in plain view for decades. Rumor has it, it had to be closed because the salt air compromised the structure. A super-prison decomposed but similar structures along the bay-front constructed concurrently are just fine, San Quentin is older. I just looked up some history, the revised excuse was it had become “too costly” to maintain. Not too costly as a tourist attraction though! This idea opens up new doors, props to ” UNreal. ” Makes me think about Hannibal Lecter, not even a super-prison, super-guards and super-security could contain this evil menace! Don’t look under the bed!!!!

  4. UNreal

    Regarding Alcatraz it was discussed relating to the EGI blog post on Al Capone who is suspected to have been played by an actor (possibly a female actor in light of EGI).

    The Alcatraz prison was tailor made for America’s enemy n° 1 Al Capone and even the names Alcatraz and Al Capone are seemingly textually linked (al-ca-traz and al-ca-pone). The ‘Z’ or ‘Zayin’ is in there too.

    When you build a high security prison on a remote island, you have a very practical ‘black hole’ – just like how the Bataclan or the Pulse act in the occurence of a terrorist event. No-one can know what really happens on the inside – magician’s hat for rabbits (or rabbit hole in this case). So to sell the fake reality – the Elite invert once more. They make Alcatraz the “most” guarded prison on Earth, only it’s the opposite. It is a prop – just as the WTC and predictably both end up as museums…

    To stage a useful public meme as the worst place on earth with the baddest criminals like the case of the highest security prison ever – everyone must be in on it to keep quiet. If Al Capone was an actor there never were any “real” prisoners on site – it would be difficult not to notice Capone was absent… The safest (only?) solution is that only “hoax” prisoners go to Alcatraz – which show us how much of the news and criminality is faked and how many are EGI.

    The ten “baddest” Alcatraz “inmates” (article here)
    10. Inmate #714 Clarence Victor “The Choctaw Kid” Carnes
    09. Inmate #268: Arthur R. “Doc” Barker
    08. Inmate #1141: Frank Morris
    07. Inmate #1518: Meyer Harris “Mickey” Cohen
    06. Inmate #1428: James “Whitey” Bulger
    05. Inmate #110: Roy “The Smiling Bandit” Gardner
    04. Inmate #325: Alvin “Creepy” Karpis
    03. Inmate #117: George “Machine Gun” Kelly
    02. Inmate No. #594: Robert “The Birdman” Stroud
    01. Inmate #85: Al Capone

    EGI blog entry on Al Capone:

    1. xileffilex

      Good call, UNreal. Prisons are the perfect sterile psy-op adjunct, gatekept by a watertight workforce [cf the masonic fire brigades] The UK equivalent is Belmarsh where the turnstiles are the first essential port of call of anyone convicted of a psy-oppy crime in an actor-stuffed courtroom, and where they may be accommodated [perhaps not!] awaiting and during their “trials” in front of 12 useful idiots.
      There are probably real prisoners there but hey, who knows? An essential theatre for the tax -funded legal circus of fake realities.
      A prison riot would be easy to stage/allow for news producing purposes.

    2. UNreal

      Indeed – ADX Florence in Colorado is suspect as well and part of the ” superman prisons” where life seems pretty miserable according to the super-max plan for ultra-villains.

      The employees call Supermax the “Alcatraz of the Rockies”

      Some famous inmates (all in the list must be suspect of being lifetime actors)
      01. Barry “The Baron” Mills. This leader of the Aryan Brotherhood
      02. Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano of the Gambino crime family
      03. Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso, a member of the Lucchese crime family
      04. Wadih el-Hage – Al-Qaeda member from 1998 bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania & Kenya
      05. Robert Hannsen – FBI traitor
      06. Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski
      07. Dandenis “La Quica” Munoz Mosquera – Pablo Escobar’s bloody right hand
      08. Zacarias Moussaoui – 9/11 conspirator
      09. Terry Nichols _ Timothy McVeigh’s collaborator OF Oklahoma City bombing
      10. Richard “The Shoebomber” Reid – 2001 unsuccessful plane bomb
      11. Eric Robert Rudolph – anti-gay, anti-abortion Christian terrorist author of five bombings
      12. Ramzi Yousef – 1993 Word Trade Center bombing terrorist

      Wikipedia entry for ADX Florence here

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