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Operation Cue

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Operation Cue was the first and largest “so-called” atomic test that was conducted specifically for civilians. Coverage of the test was carried live, nationwide by radio and TV stations, as well as extended coverage in newspapers. The blast was alleged to have been about twice as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. (Link)

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How to spot a fake event | Piece of Mindful

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This is an attempt to come up with a set of criteria by which we can judge whether a terrorist event is real or fake. I put together a list of behaviors by police, medical and news people. My idea is to take that tragic event and by objective standards judge it to have been real or staged. Because I wanted a two-column format, I ended up typing it out in Excel and then doing screen caps. I broke it down in to the crime scene, the police and medical responses, the behavior of news outlets, and the investig

Source: How to spot a fake event | Piece of MindfulCrime Scene

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