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This is an attempt to come up with a set of criteria by which we can judge whether a terrorist event is real or fake. I put together a list of behaviors by police, medical and news people. My idea is to take that tragic event and by objective standards judge it to have been real or staged. Because I wanted a two-column format, I ended up typing it out in Excel and then doing screen caps. I broke it down in to the crime scene, the police and medical responses, the behavior of news outlets, and the investig

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2 thoughts on “How to spot a fake event | Piece of Mindful

  1. UNreal

    Without being sarcastic – the Mass Media and culture creation do not present much that is real. Before POM try to make the difference between real and false – can he please provide an exemple of a major news event that can be proven to be real and entirely factual ?

    If not : What is the point to spend time even to entertain the idea some news are real ?

    So far, i have come to understand there is no motivation for the Elite to present anything factual to the general population and that the modus operandi is to twist even the most minute peace of reality we believe to be able to hold on to. Therein lies the purpose and motivation for the Elite & Mass Media from my observations. Entertaining the possibility some news might be real can in this sense actually be damaging and at the least a waste of time & ressources.

    1. xileffilex

      GoldenSkidMarks [lol!] mentioned that he used to read the Evening Standard when he was living in London. That’s a great example of a newspaper constructed from fabricated stories, with all the familiar trade marks of heroes, crime, , violent “deaths”, grainy photos, celebrity endorsement and so on.
      We can verify some news events ourselves, such as what our politicians say in public, or what happens at a large sporting event. However, we here at Fakeologist have reached the conclusion [as indeed Mark has regarding American events] that big money sport is fixed. And our politicians are actors in any case who are not running the show.
      A good example today – [Evening Standard] = Burglar stole laptop with seven years of Ebola research from doctor’s house” back in March 2017.
      Sure. And through the courts it goes, some 51 year old no-hoper drug addict somehow manages to break into a £1.8million home the single female doctor is living in and the news is announced to her while – wait for it – she’s treating a sick baby! [heart strings alert] And a back-up hard drive. Sure. And it’s a familiar crime story to prop up an earlier hoax, viz Ebola. [q.v.]

      On the next page, a report on an “earthquake” on the Iran-Iraq border, with a photo showing a wrecked house, somewhere, some time. Was there an earthquake? I bet not.


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