FAC386-Introducing Sophia

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Sophia and I talk about her fakeologist journey, including 9/11.

Also starring Gaia, Tom Dalpra, John Adams, Misom, Napoleon Wilson

Notsofreemason, Gaia, Phil Blanks, Anounceofsalt all debate rockets, temperature, and how it can’t work in a vacuum.

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6 thoughts on “FAC386-Introducing Sophia

  1. xileffilex

    Bringing together the two posts here by Antipodean and UNreal, here is yet more confirmation that Guantanamo is a psy-op

    Has this David Hicks “terror” sub-plot still got legs?
    Well, I guess so, anything to keep the lie in motion….


    Former terrorism suspect David Hicks has domestic violence charge against him dropped

    April 6, 2017 8:32am

    Secrecy clouds David Hicks’ court appearance on domestic violence
    FORMER terrorism suspect David Hicks has resolved a domestic assault charge filed against him – and police and taxpayers will now foot his legal bill.

    that sums it up, a taxpayer funded circus of fakery

  2. UNreal

    I do not share Ab’s opinion of Tom Dalpra being a good man nor that he never has to apologize for his behavior. If it suffices to be a long standing Fakeologist member to get away with attacking me or others in their absence, then i do not feel like the term Fakeologist has much value. It is OK for Ab to be neutral but not to the point of endorsing treacherous behavior and double-speak which Tom Dalpra seems to hope to get away with – repeatedly. Sometimes slander and hearsay must be put to rest before it acquires a life of its own, not encouraged as is the case in part of this audiochat.

    Regarding Tom Dalpra he seems to insinuate he both ‘likes’ me and has some longstanding relation with me as well as being on first name basis – all this is of course far removed from the truth. I’ve never seen Fakeology on similar basis to Tom Dalpra, never asked him to use my first name nor pronounced my first name to him, and our antagonism goes a long time back for those familiar with the site. I’ve seldom adhered to Tom Dalpra’s viewpoints and he’s clearly never liked my contributions nor me as a person as he’s made backstabbing a recurrence on my account. But he ‘likes’ his enemies of course which makes it ok to be foul and according to this audiochat a “good” Fakeologist.

    The double-speak here is of course to call me a ‘shill’ and ‘disinformation agent’ in one sentence then say that he ‘likes’ me in the next. I’m sorry to see that sort of shallow rhetoric being accepted as “fair” or reasonable on this site, but from what i now experience it seems this type of double-speak does not disturb most Fakeologist even though it is clearly damaging for establishing clear thought, valid arguments and truth.

    To actually engage in research, and especially new research, it does effectively imply you have to dare look at aspects and facts in a new light and be bold enough to make unheard-of reflection and hypothesis. The risk of such behavior is of course to be wrong or walk into even deeper rabbitholes which is unfortunate but unavoidable in the march towards better understanding.

    Gatekeepers will emerge at such inflection-points in order to discourage further efforts, but any relevant truth-seeker will understand how important it is not to camp in comfort but continue exploring further. This is of course a prize few are ready to pay – but is unfortunately the only way to gain further knowledge and go beyond the gates so well kept by the Elite and its minions – seemingly present even at our level. Apparently the courage to study hard cases and make bold conclusions merits knifes in the back from the likes of Tom Dalpra – and double-speak to pass the message on to others who seem to embrace and encourage such opposition (gate-keeping) to moving ahead.

    The subjects targeted by Tom Dalpra in my absence in this audiochat and other shows before are Elite Gender Inversion and (new!) high security prisons as artificial constructs or prop’s.

    For anyone that has read past the first page of the EGI forum thread it should be clear that the thread presents both research in its own merits as well as references to relevant work to the subject of Elite Gender Inversion. Many transvestigators have indeed contributed with valuable material to EGI like Junglesurfer, MrE, Ice Water Roof, Jon Humanity or Rebooting Christianity – but this fact does not mean the participants and contributors to EGI research are vegans, Christians or espouse Junglesurfer’s entire research nor vouch for his person. A straw-man fallacy topped with appeal to ridicule in an attempt to personify research thus refusing to evaluate the information itself.

    Regarding Alcatraz being a prop, we need look no further than 911 and the World Trade Center. Or the concentration camps. I’m surprised to be ‘outed’ as a disinformation agent and a ‘shill’ for pointing out such obvious artificial constructs – but some let nothing be in the way of hasty judgement, name-calling and nasty behavior towards people they ‘like’. Maybe the fact “Al Ca P One” is suspect of EGI in a recent article written on the former public enemy ‘Number One’ on Fakeologist EGI blog (here) came in the way of clear thinking for Tom Dalpra, but “Al Ca Traz” is in no need of EGI to be considered a valid hypothesis (nor any other “Supermax” prison) of being a false construct and researched in light of Fakeology. Unless of course you are unable to see how the WTC was constructed to be taken down and later made into a museum – just as Alcatraz seemingly was as well. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

    Normally i try stay away from slander and hearsay, but it seems you can be backstabbed on air repeatedly without anyone to stand up if you do not engage in personal attacks and conflicts yourself. I’d hoped Fakeology was beyond that point but clearly it is not as emphasized at the end of Tom Dalpra’s name-calling attack segment of the show :

    “You do not have to ever apologize – you’re a good man Tom – you’re a good Fakeologist so you don’t ever have to apologize, you’re a long standing member here”.

    Needless to say – i’ve never felt less like a Fakeologist than while listening to this Audiochat.

  3. Phil Blanks (Zero Zeros)

    I’d call our dialogue view point sharing, perhaps, rather than a debate – like a campfire. We each have questions about how/if rockets work in a vacuum, at low temperature, and what else these machines are doing / doing for us. As we and our tools advance, we need to ask questions about what things mean for us – what relevance space travel has to life on planet Earth – and first and foremost if they’re accurately described by a relater of facts, true facts and false facts.

    Some links I posted in the chatroom:




    Ab, at ~2:59:30 , my audio went haywire. So if you could still fix that, it might spare listeners some damage to their ears and headphones.


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