Potpourri of sub fakery

likes this

Add fake ingredients like subs, , numerology – and you’ve got what it takes for some fake baked story.

I’m still convinced subs are props from a by-gone era. Even if they were real, what use are they today? Why would any navy bother with them in the age of air power?

The submarine ARA San Juan, with 44 crew members, had participated in naval exercises off southern Argentina before departing Monday from the city of Ushuaia for a naval base in Mar de Plata. It hasn’t been heard from since Wednesday.

Source: NASA joins search for missing Argentine submarine | Toronto Star

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6 thoughts on “Potpourri of sub fakery

  1. gaia

    More numerology, they really like the 44 one here:


    The ARA San Juan submarine that went missing last November imploded in a matter of 40 milliseconds, a US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) report has suggested.

    The submarine vanished on November 15 off Argentina’s Atlantic coast. It had 44 officers aboard at the time.

    The Argentine Navy told Perfil that it “has nothing to say” about the US report.

    “We received this information via social media but it is not ours. For that reason, we will continue to operate as normal”, the Navy said.

    In a report published in French newspaper Le Monde, ONI linked the disappearance with a sound detected on November 15 at 400 metres below sea level, an explosion they suggest was the equivalent of six tonnes of TNT exploding.


    Yet, they haven’t found the sub until today. So they can conclude an implosion happened within 40 milliseconds (!) without having the wreckage to prove it. Hmm…

  2. xileffilex

    Just another fake news suspense story , a sub-aqua Malaysian Airlines jape.
    the “unusual noise” ruse has now been rebranded a”hydro-acoustic anomaly” by the hoaxers.
    The film script has already been written.
    I wonder why this obviousl fake story was slow to gain traction across the pond?
    the sounds were not metallic but “biological” in nature

  3. ricky

    The “supposed reason” for modern submarine fleets is they provide a “hidden platform” for immediate delivery of nuke missiles right off “your’ city.” You might have one sitting off Cape cod that could “wipe you out” in five minutes Ab. It works on several levels, for whatever reason, the ” dumb-shit South Americans” can’t even handle a routine short voyage, and if I’m seeing it correctly, they’re too stupid to even scrape the barnacles off the bow.


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