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Grilling Soundwave with Zal, Delcroix, Anounceofsalt, Napoleon Wilson, John Adams, Phil Blanks, Notsofreemason, JamesM

misomYesterday at 5:26 PM

@JRAdams857 You are (unfortunately) right :smiley:

JRAdams857-Yesterday at 5:32 PM


Silverbeam-Yesterday at 5:32 PM

Why would we see curvature?

Just wondering

Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 5:33 PM

sorry, bad computer

fixed it



Jonathan Stewart

Qatar Airways Polar Flight – Longest Duration Non-Stop LAX-DOH

Silverbeam-Yesterday at 5:43 PM

I agree @anounceofsaltperday

delcroix-Yesterday at 5:45 PM




Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 5:45 PM


delcroix-Yesterday at 5:46 PM


anounceofsaltperday-Yesterday at 5:48 PM

this is GOLD

delcroix-Yesterday at 6:05 PM

not too loud ?

Zal-Yesterday at 6:05 PM

if anything to faint

delcroix-Yesterday at 6:06 PM

turn it up zal

Zal-Yesterday at 6:06 PM

ye could have been me

delcroix-Yesterday at 6:07 PM

it’s at 91.1%

Zal-Yesterday at 6:07 PM


Fakeologist-Yesterday at 6:09 PM

Just change the voice settings in your discord to manual

Silverbeam-Yesterday at 6:09 PM

keeps fading out

Fakeologist-Yesterday at 6:10 PM

And lower the threshold

delcroix-Yesterday at 6:10 PM

god is playing with the settings

Silverbeam-Yesterday at 6:10 PM

We cannot comprehend God

delcroix-Yesterday at 6:11 PM

model t can’t explain ford

Silverbeam-Yesterday at 6:11 PM

Or we would already know everything

delcroix-Yesterday at 6:11 PM

been there done that

twho invented t shirts ?


Zal-Yesterday at 6:13 PM

i always wondered about food

and how people come up with recipes

i mean how do you come up with bread?

must have been a series of really wierd accidents

Abyz-Yesterday at 6:28 PM

Recipes came from fallen angels



Zal-Yesterday at 6:28 PM

dont you start


Abyz-Yesterday at 6:28 PM


Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 6:46 PM




Moonkey by the StArmy

Moonkey is a sync video inspired by monkeys, the moon, Jupiter and the evolution of consciousness. It was designed as a live performance. is mixed by DJ Kasm.…

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 6:47 PM

Neil Young 0;Lets Roll” LYRICS cell phone rings I know I said I love you I know you know it’s true I’ve got to put the phone down And do what we gotta do One’s standing in the aisleway Two more at the door We’ve got to get inside there Before they kill some more Time is out Let’s roll Time is running out Let’s roll No time for indecision We’ve got to make a move I hope that we’re forgiven For what we gotta do How this all got started I will never understand I hope someone can fly this thing And get us back to land Time is running out… No one has the answer But one thing is true You’ve gotta turn on evil When it’s coming after you You gotta face it down And when it tries to hide You gotta go in after it And never be denied Time is running out… Let’s roll for freedom Let’s roll for love Goin’ after Satan On the wings of a dove Let’s roll for justice Let’s roll for truth Let’s not let our children grow up Fearful in their youth




Neil Young – Let’s Roll

Zal-Yesterday at 6:56 PM


The Sun


This book predicted the Titanic disaster… 14 years before it happened

This book predicted the Titanic disaster… 14 years before it happened



Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 7:02 PM



Collapse (2009)

Directed by Chris Smith. With Michael Ruppert. A documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter, From the Wilderness.

napoleon wilson-Yesterday at 7:06 PM

@Zal grenfell check it out

Zal-Yesterday at 7:06 PM

probably at least 2 things fake

i would be a first responder though

napoleon wilson-Yesterday at 7:07 PM

one on the lefts real

my left

Abyz-Yesterday at 7:18 PM


NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 7:25 PM



Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? (TV Movie 2001)

Directed by John Moffet. With Mitch Pileggi, Bill Kaysing, Brian Welch, Brian O’Leary. Were the Apollo moon landings faked?




Fox Documentary: Did We Land on the Moon?


Silverbeam-Yesterday at 7:27 PM

Equilibrium, good film

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 7:28 PM

Fox aired a special on the moonlanding hoax on Thursday night, February 15, 2001 at 9:00PM ET

Abyz-Yesterday at 7:32 PM

Guess I missed that one

Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 7:35 PM



Apathy Demigodz

Apathy – The Grand Leveler

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 7:46 PM

Chelsea Lodge No. 3098 E.C.



JRAdams857-Yesterday at 8:01 PM

Did Chris message on whether there’s an HBC tonight?


Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 8:04 PM

I didn’t see one

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 8:05 PM

I don’t get the messages I just check the shoe @JRAdams857

anounceofsaltperday-Yesterday at 8:07 PM

@JRAdams857 i haven’t received the normal email

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 8:17 PM



Nuclear Vault

The House In The Middle (1954)


TNT radiation^

anounceofsaltperday-Yesterday at 8:36 PM


Grander Technology


GRANDER Water Technology

GRANDER Water Technology has been providing water solutions worldwide for more than three decades. Uncountable experience reports from private users, hotel owners, restaurant owners, swimming pool operators, municipalities as well as public institutions demonstrate much better in practice how the revitalised water from GRANDER® really works.

delcroix-Yesterday at 10:08 PM

@Zal when i was in school there was a texaco sponsered art comp , and i painted a pic of titanic , we used to have progets on the feckin thing


and to this day , i see children coming out of school with their titanic ship and icebergs

/ carboard andf cotton fluff

won’t be long until they have carbord towers and cotton fluff , if you can’t afford the airfix, you will be a no planer

:tt: :grinning: :wizardwand:

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