Neil deGrasse Tyson – a 9/11 shill

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More proof that NGT is nothing more than a lie-n-tist who’s put before us to promote and hoaxes.

Last year, on the tenth anniversary of the events of , StarTalk Radio produced a special episode about that fateful day. Here’s how Neil deGrasse Tyson starts the episode: “…I lived three and a half blocks from what would later be known as Ground Zero. I was home that morning, and the entire series of… View Article

Source: Years Later… Neil deGrasse Tyson Measures the Magnitude of 9/11


His blog

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Anyone ever notice that anyone, especially media types, that lived in NYC around 9/11, is a firsthand eyewitness or has a story about 9/11? This is similar to anyone who’s lived anywhere near Germany around WW2 is a survivor. No matter how tenuous a link, the media can find and magnify victimhood.

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2 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson – a 9/11 shill

  1. xileffilex

    Thanks also, Ab, for [re] introducing me to the awful Seth MacFarlane entity ** I don’t do “celebs”. Just missed 9/11 flight 11 did he? I wouldn’t believe a word emerging from this smug gatekeeper’s mouth…

    If that doesn’t make you vomit, nothing will.
    Delcroix has called out MacFarlane but the linked video’s now gone…

    ** I’d forgotten you’d called out this slime ball yourself, Ab a couple of years ago…

    Here he is for UK TV idiot viewer digestion with fellow 9/11 survivor club member Mark Walhberg. Quite a gatekeeping convention.…

    cue *more vomitus*

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