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I grabbed another audiochat and made it into an episode.

Velocet is from Sydney, Australia, and has a great audio setup. Enjoy listening to a younger fakeologist!

typoerrorToday at 9:57 AM

typoerrorToday at 10:02 AM

GaiaToday at 10:05 AM

such a pity John is misrepresenting the mainstream, only to attack the strawman after it
oil doesn’t depend on dinosaurs AT ALL. :rolling_eyes:

typoerrorToday at 10:07 AM

illuminati card card given the JLB treatment.Shall give that the once over, he’ll be thorough.(edited)

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:31 AM

frogs porn

GaiaToday at 10:33 AM

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:33 AM

you were too quick

GaiaToday at 10:33 AM

I knew where to find this one…

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:34 AM

bookmarks are hhhhhlpful

GaiaToday at 10:34 AM

haha not really. I took this photo myself. :wink:

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:34 AM

just lande wheres velocet from
im kiddin

GaiaToday at 10:35 AM

I am listening to you and KHam at the moment

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:36 AM

please forgive me if i offend in audio chat

GaiaToday at 10:36 AM

Is that Devon Island?
no, you did very well

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:36 AM

im a free spirit
wys it pointing up hahahaaa

GaiaToday at 10:37 AM

I felt that John was dominating the chat too much, cutting others off all the time. When there’s agreement, all is fine, but in disagreement, it gets unpleasant

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:37 AM

power plant luxury liner sky scraper

GaiaToday at 10:37 AM

I know I can be dominating too, but it’s not a good thing for a group chat

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:38 AM

jlb blew his load first time back
hell be ok

GaiaToday at 10:38 AM

I hope so

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:38 AM

hes lever

GaiaToday at 10:38 AM

we still have to debate Dinosaurs and Evolution
he is

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:38 AM

looking forward to it
aussies love cars mad max style
toe cutter n shit

GaiaToday at 10:39 AM

if it were NASAustralia, they’d have a Mad Delorean on “Mars”…(edited)

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:40 AM

were going to the moon
fuck yeah
for the scenary

GaiaToday at 10:41 AM


napoleon wilsonToday at 10:42 AM

pimp my ride

GaiaToday at 10:42 AM

yeah, that movie hasn’t helped to get the logic in people’s minds that anarchism (statheism) is the only possible position in exposing the liars…

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:43 AM

heres the candian version

GaiaToday at 10:43 AM

people really use that movie as an “example” we really need governments, because if else…

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:44 AM

ozzy radio
no reggae

GaiaToday at 10:46 AM

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:46 AM

aussie movies rock
job done

UNrealToday at 10:48 AM

beware of cigar smokers,,, – egi.fakeologist.com/2017/01/15…

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:48 AM

can i be verified in real life @Fakeologist
Image result for green room origin The specific origin of the term is lost to history, which has led to many imaginative theories and claims. One story is that London’s Blackfriars Theatre (1599) included a room behind the scenes, which happened to be painted green; here the actors waited to go on stage. It was called “the green room”.
no copyright from youtube either

misomToday at 10:56 AM

@Velocet and @Fakeologist im listening live to you now.

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:56 AM

hey misom

GaiaToday at 10:57 AM

Hi misom

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:57 AM

misomToday at 10:57 AM

hi napoleon und gaia :smiley:
got it already thanks

napoleon wilsonToday at 10:58 AM

napoleon wilsonToday at 11:05 AM

thats why i have aproblem with intellectual property now . media and entertainment are inescapable . for instance starwars anyone couldmake a starwars movie easier than a bible story
and be sued
we were fed this shite so we cant repeat or expand on starwars but you can interprate the bible(edited)

GaiaToday at 11:07 AM

@Velocet Jarrah White, Australian, has made the most complete (and still incomplete) series on Apollo; MoonFaker. Nice little experiments too.

napoleon wilsonToday at 11:09 AM

misomToday at 11:10 AM

symbolic castration

napoleon wilsonToday at 11:12 AM

i love pretend

GaiaToday at 11:14 AM

it is a bit high mic’d I’d say yes

napoleon wilsonToday at 11:14 AM

im using my ass as a mouth

GaiaToday at 11:14 AM

sorry, at livechat about your mic @napoleon wilson
@napoleon wilson and you called ME perverse? :smile:
I haven’t recorded a bumper yet. Will do it next time @Fakeologist

misomToday at 11:30 AM

the audiochats are really super good, i love them and listen to them while working …(edited)



GaiaToday at 11:41 AM

the sound of silence…

misomToday at 11:41 AM

not receiving you in swiss

GaiaToday at 11:41 AM

before the storm?
on the other side of the globe of where Velocet is, neither
sorry, flat plane of course! :rolling_eyes:

misomToday at 11:42 AM

@Velocet did you finish or just not receiving
you are back !
On 10 September 2016, a man armed with a knife attacked another man walking his dog in Minto, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. As he stabbed the victim the accused allegedly shouted “someone is going to die today.” The perpetrator subsequently soug…



GaiaToday at 11:54 AM

He told investigators that the perpetrator of the 2015 Parramatta shooting was his “role model.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Par…
On 2 October 2015, Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar, a 15-year-old boy, shot and killed Curtis Cheng, an unarmed police civilian finance worker, outside the New South Wales Police Force headquarters in Parramatta, Australia. Jabar was subsequently sh…

a 15 year old boy a role model?
Why not have selected Anteo Zamboni? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anteo_Za…
Anteo Zamboni (11 April 1911 – 31 October 1926) was a 15-year-old Italian, propaganda of the deed anarchist who tried to assassinate Benito Mussolini in Bologna on 31 October 1926, by shooting at him during the parade celebrating the March on R…

“died” on Halloween… “born” on 11-4-11… hmmm

misomToday at 11:58 AM

GaiaToday at 11:59 AM

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Isl… “The IEDs inside the luggage were concealed inside a meat grinder and a Barbie doll.” :smile: :sweat_smile:
Four suspects were arrested without charge by Australian Federal Police on 29 July 2017 in Sydney on suspicion of an Islamic inspired plot to plant a bomb on an Etihad Airways flight departing Sydney on 15 July 2017 .

GaiaToday at 12:00 PM

“Hi, my name is Farhad Fake Muslim, very devout, and I am using thé symbol of US American consumerism as a bomb holder”. the stuff they want us to believe(edited)

typoerrorToday at 12:01 PM

boo gle google.

GaiaToday at 12:05 PM

why are some people who have some invented tag that says “State” (aka “Police”, “SWAT”, “Army”) allowed to have open carry, but suddenly others not? The irrationality of statism…
welcome and thanks @Velocet good night!

typoerrorToday at 12:13 PM

i’m muted

GaiaToday at 12:16 PM

thanks @Fakeologist nice quiet civil chat it was



FakeologistToday at 12:36 PM

You’re welcome @Gaia
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1 thought on “FAK182-Velocet

  1. ab Post author

    This just in from an old listener:

    Type of feedback: Introduction

    Pathway to fakeologist.com…: audio broadcast

    Name: Jon

    Comment: In your talk with Velocet you referred to a talk you and I had years ago.

    I used Google Streetview to debunk one of Simon’s ‘proofs’ of fakery.
    You told Velocet that you didn’t understand my debunk and that I was looking at minutiae while you were looking at the big picture.

    My point was not just to expose Simon’s mistake.
    My point was the fact that Simon didn’t acknowledge his mistake like any honest researcher would. He understood perfectly what I was demonstrating. My point was that Simon is not the stickler for truth and accuracy that he purports to be. He’s no more real than Alex Jones.

    Despite your not understanding my debunk, you and the guy who sounds like Simon (Jann Erik) tried to dismiss me with the argument that Streetview was fake and therefore my critique of Simon’s ‘proof’ was invalid.

    That argument is so vacuous that I can’t even address it. Maybe that was the point of it? You’re not stupid, so I can’t think of any other explanation.

    Anyway, I thought I’d just set the record straight. It wasn’t about debunking Simon’s ‘proof’ so much as it was about outing Simon as a phony.


    Thanks for continuing to listen Jon! I hope I’m not stupid, I just didn’t think it was important. Simon has made many errors, as I have, but the main idea is what’s important.


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