FAC392-SMJ on evolution

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Starring Napoleon Wilson, SMJ, KHam, Misom, Gaia

Much talk about models and . Can the ladies convince Gaia? Misom may be the right antidote.

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1 thought on “FAC392-SMJ on evolution

  1. xileffilex

    Great mind expanding stuff about the Wold Cottage “meteorite” which had somehow passed me by. Thanks for that, SMJ, my not having spent too much time in the Natural Dinosaur, sorry, History Museum in London
    Reading the Weird news link, with contemporary reports, wearing fakeologist spectacles, makes the narrative all look very fishy, or rocky perhaps.

    Add to this, the fact that the Siena “meteorite” fell the previous year,m 1794. [hey, let’s do one in England now….]

    Siena, 1794: History’s Most Consequential Meteorite Fall
    “meteoritics already was becoming a new branch of science.”


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