FAC389 Show notes

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Phil BlanksYesterday at 8:45 PM

@HeyCitizen septemberclues.info/imagery_an…

Fakeologist-Yesterday at 9:00 PM

@Gaia @HeyCitizen @NotSoFreeMason move into the Livestream people will want to listen

good job @NotSoFreeMason

I verified @HeyCitizen welcome hopefully we can help you become a fakeologist

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 9:02 PM


Fakeologist-Yesterday at 9:02 PM

we’re streaming live at bit.ly/fakeradio3(edited)

anounceofsaltperday-Yesterday at 9:18 PM

unsuitable suits?



Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 9:23 PM

I liked that


anounceofsaltperday-Yesterday at 10:12 PM

look, up in the sky… is it a bullet? is it a rocket? No its astro boy

JRAdams857-Yesterday at 10:13 PM

@NotSoFreeMason youtu.be/_-YDL5bwmHQ



Gang Starr – Above The Clouds HD

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 10:14 PM

Featuring inspectah deck

Know the well

JRAdams857-Yesterday at 10:15 PM



Hoax Busters Call

Mythbusters Moon Hoax Retroreflectors: Hoax Busters Busts the Mythbusters

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 10:15 PM

DJ Premier has a way with those jazz samples @JRAdams857

JRAdams857-Yesterday at 10:16 PM



Hoax Busters Call

Nukes Don’t Exist!

@NotSoFreeMason he’s the best DJ ever



Hoax Busters Call

NASA: Earth from Space

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 10:19 PM

I knew a guy that used to manage a Pappa John’s in New Jersey and that Guru would come in frequently trying to get pizzas off of his rep

0;Don’t you know who I am”

JRAdams857-Yesterday at 10:26 PM

@NotSoFreeMason Hahaha…poor Dude he played this broke down cowboy bar in Fullerton CA. Only like 30 people there.

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 10:26 PM

He died a few years ago

JRAdams857-Yesterday at 10:27 PM

Yeah I remember

There’s a city in called Paris

Cumbia is Colombian

Salsa used to be called Cumbia

Abyz-Yesterday at 10:37 PM

Nice listening in to the chat for a cpl hours guys! Helped my long boring drive





anounceofsaltperday-Yesterday at 10:38 PM

the Israeli’s are not on the moon because the ’s are there

Phil Blanks-Yesterday at 10:51 PM


Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

NotSoFreeMason-Yesterday at 11:08 PM

Great link @Phil Blanks you should send that to Chris Kendall





November 23, 2017

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