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napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 3:58 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 4:00 PM

misomLast Friday at 4:02 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 4:03 PM

identification is a bitch too
box tickers
frank ologist



misomLast Friday at 4:07 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 4:07 PM

he he
its true
weve always been at war
bell biv devoe were dangerous

misomLast Friday at 4:11 PM

Who where the 0;bad guys” before the “arabs” : the “communists”

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 4:11 PM

This is “Reel bad arabs – How hollywood vilifies a people” by ???? ?????? on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


misomLast Friday at 4:13 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 4:17 PM

g ong
happy thursday

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 4:24 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 4:49 PM

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 4:52 PM

Murdoch vs Lightoller (I believe) – Idealism vs Pragmatism
Perseverance. From the outset, we know for sure that things aren’t going to work out so well for the vast majority of Titanic passengers. … Society and Class. The Titanic’s basically a floating melting pot of people from different countries, classes, and social backgrounds. … Love. … Freedom and Confinement.
Catastrophism was the theory that the Earth had largely been shaped by sudden, short-lived, violent events, possibly worldwide in scope. This was in contrast to uniformitarianism (sometimes described as gradualism), in which slow incremental chan…

JRAdams857Last Friday at 5:01 PM

Hello Misom:wave:

misomLast Friday at 5:06 PM

Hi @JRAdams857 found the author and the book of that introduction. looks interesting. www.amazon.com/Cowboys-As-Cold…

JRAdams857Last Friday at 5:07 PM

@misom yes it is. I checked out from the library but do not own(edited)

typoerrorLast Friday at 5:13 PM

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Conv… poets used to kick ass, propaganda styley in the past. Till the Spinner of the Years Said “Now!” And each one hears, And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres.
“The Convergence of the Twain (Lines on the loss of the Titanic)” is a poem by Thomas Hardy, published in 1915. The poem describes the sinking and wreckage of the ocean liner Titanic. “Convergence” consists of eleven stanzas (I to XI) of three li…

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 5:16 PM

A non-exhaustive listing of ships which have sunk as a result of striking ice masses of larger than “growler” or pack size (such collisions with minor ice are comparatively common, usually resulting in lesser damage). Note that many vessels have …

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:17 PM

soundwave hello

misomLast Friday at 5:18 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:18 PM

king of the woorld

FakeologistLast Friday at 5:19 PM

Former Minnesota governor and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura is back at RT America with his new show ‘The World According to Jesse.’ The weekly show will be bringing Ventura’s distinctive take on current news.



JRAdams857Last Friday at 5:20 PM

Jimi Hendrix

misomLast Friday at 5:21 PM

didn’t know that ventura was a “truther” till the other day…

JRAdams857Last Friday at 5:22 PM

@misom that’s funny

misomLast Friday at 5:22 PM

yes, it is if you take under consideration that i knew e.g. field mcconell and wayne madsen…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:23 PM

truth yeah

misomLast Friday at 5:24 PM


Phil BlanksLast Friday at 5:29 PM

There’s something empowering about a conspiracy theory. The more far-fetched it is, the better. Cloaking yourself in a conspiracy theory is like moving behind an aegis. You’re safe from all rational argument…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:29 PM

that was a fake fight

misomLast Friday at 5:34 PM

Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko (Ukrainian: ????? ?????????????? ??????????, pronounced [?jul?ij? vo?o?d?m?r?ivn? t?mo???nko], née Hrihyan, ??????, born 27 November 1960) is a Ukrainian politician. …

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:41 PM

mind games together

NotSoFreeMasonLast Friday at 5:44 PM


Phil BlanksLast Friday at 5:47 PM

mahatma coatLast Friday at 5:49 PM

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 5:49 PM


napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:49 PM


Phil BlanksLast Friday at 5:49 PM

Honda Housey?

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:49 PM

summer camp for fat kids

GaiaLast Friday at 5:51 PM

@misom I used to like Jesse Ventura quite a lot in my first stages of awakening
good speaker anyway, no matter he’s just as controlled as the rest o’ them
same for absolute speech boss Nigel Farage

misomLast Friday at 5:52 PM

@Gaia that was a big bridge :smiley:

GaiaLast Friday at 5:52 PM

from where to where, sorry?

misomLast Friday at 5:53 PM

ventura > farage

GaiaLast Friday at 5:53 PM

I was reading back the comments… camelling, as working your ass of is called in the local Colombian slang…
ah, you think so?
noo, both in the Ron sphere (another one of them)

misomLast Friday at 5:54 PM


GaiaLast Friday at 5:54 PM

anyone opposing (super)statism imo deserves at least partial support

misomLast Friday at 5:57 PM

big people do good on TV because TV has a curvature(edited)

GaiaLast Friday at 5:59 PM

@misom even Flat Earth does. Measure the circumference of a pancake and tell me what you get… :wink:

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:59 PM

its flat bud

misomLast Friday at 5:59 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 5:59 PM


GaiaLast Friday at 5:59 PM

GaiaLast Friday at 6:00 PM

I may be ugly, but not flat

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:01 PM

do you like any other more beautiful imagery of Gaia?

misomLast Friday at 6:01 PM

@Gaia i can’t discuss astronomy with you. you have prejudice and im not capable of :smiley:

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:01 PM

I’ve seen a few other statues

GaiaLast Friday at 6:01 PM

@Phil Blanks any does
@misom I have prejudice? In what? And astronomy doesn’t have anything to do with the shape of the Earth, or rather it is independent of that

mahatma coatLast Friday at 6:02 PM

Freddie, 39, has reportedly joined conspiracy theorists who claim the world is not spherical but a flat plane

GaiaLast Friday at 6:02 PM

Freddie Flintstone has had a few warm beers too many…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:02 PM

moon and sun are an umbilical cord

misomLast Friday at 6:02 PM

@Gaia more arguments for not discussing that :smiley:

GaiaLast Friday at 6:03 PM

@misom fine with me, been there done that anyway



napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:03 PM

thats why moon isnt observed before eclipse
its bahind

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:03 PM

GaiaLast Friday at 6:03 PM

no, it’s New

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:09 PM

www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c2i9d… good ending. playing characters

misomLast Friday at 6:21 PM

i love indiana

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:21 PM

me aswell


youre a spy you would

GaiaLast Friday at 6:22 PM

@misom @napoleon wilson disneyindiana.com/media/Disney…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:23 PM

lol x

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:23 PM

The individual is in a dilemma: either he decides to safeguard his freedom of choice, chooses to use traditional , personal, moral, or empirical means, thereby entering into competition with a power against which there is no efficacious defense and before which he must suffer defeat; or he decides to accept technical necessity, in which case he will himself be the victor, but only by submitting irreparably to technical slavery. In effect he has no freedom of choice.-Jacques Ellul -The Technological Society

misomLast Friday at 6:23 PM

“humiliation by technology”

GaiaLast Friday at 6:24 PM

@napoleon wilson waltdisney.phmschools.org/ not very diverse, shame on them…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:25 PM

astana is the place to be

GaiaLast Friday at 6:25 PM

do they have day trips to Baikonur?

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:26 PM

they will for you majesty


prince of colombia

typoerrorLast Friday at 6:28 PM

misomLast Friday at 6:32 PM

Videodrome is a 1983 Canadian science fiction horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg, and starring James Woods, Sonja Smits, and singer Deborah Harry. Set in Toronto during the early 1980s, it follows the CEO of a small UHF televisi…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:34 PM


misomLast Friday at 6:35 PM

JRAdams857Last Friday at 6:40 PM

@misom Thanks for the relevant posts!

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:41 PM

The Plug-In Drug: Television, Children, And The Family is a book of social criticism written by Marie Winn and published in 1977 by Viking Penguin with the ISBN 0140076980. In it, Winn brought the communications medium of television under witheri…



misomLast Friday at 6:41 PM

@JRAdams857 thanks for your interesting discussion. hope the posts dont bother you, feels for me like participation..
“With the arrival of electric technology, man has extended, or set outside himself, a live model of the central nervous system itself. To the degree that this is so, it is a development that suggests a desperate suicidal autoamputation, as if the central nervous system could no longer depend on the physical organs to be protective buffers against the slings and arrows of outrageous mechanism. ” ? Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media: The Extensions Of Man



JRAdams857Last Friday at 6:48 PM

No great post next time you can chime in…I have to go. Thank you, thanks Napoleon…. Phil great talk!

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 6:48 PM

you too. Thanks @JRAdams857

JRAdams857Last Friday at 6:52 PM

@napoleon wilson youtu.be/5Q-ERVfwdmA

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 6:52 PM


JRAdams857Last Friday at 7:01 PM

The individual is in a dilemma: either he decides to safeguard his freedom of choice, chooses to use traditional , personal, moral, or empirical means, thereby entering into competition with a power against which there is no efficacious defense and before which he must suffer defeat; or he decides to accept technical necessity, in which case he will himself be the victor, but only by submitting irreparably to technical slavery. In effect he has no freedom of choice.-Jacques Ellul -The Technological Society @Phil Blanks @napoleon wilson @misom(edited)



Phil BlanksLast Friday at 7:02 PM

Buck Rogers is a fictional space opera character created by Philip Francis Nowlan in the novella Armageddon 2419 A.D., subsequently appearing in multiple media. In Armageddon 2419 A.D., published in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine, Ama…

misomLast Friday at 7:08 PM

@JRAdams857 an inherent problem of the west: open end improvement

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 7:08 PM

discord.gg/Ks8hkPm // re: chemotherapy kills
Who’s Healthy?
2 Online9 Members

misomLast Friday at 7:16 PM

But the messenger is the message – sorry for the mess marshall(edited)

typoerrorLast Friday at 7:18 PM

i wish for

AbyzLast Friday at 7:19 PM

39c lol



misomLast Friday at 7:23 PM

@anounceofsaltperday will join maybe later


@misom nydelig

misomLast Friday at 7:24 PM

@anounceofsaltperday ? :smiley:

typoerrorLast Friday at 7:25 PM


anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 7:25 PM

norwegian for “lovely”



SilverbeamLast Friday at 7:26 PM

Non verbal communication @anounceofsaltperday

GaiaLast Friday at 7:26 PM

@anounceofsaltperday geweldig!
Dutch for “fucking great”. pity it comes from “geweld” (Gewalt in German; violence)…

SilverbeamLast Friday at 7:28 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:28 PM

@John le Bon your francis

GaiaLast Friday at 7:28 PM

@John le Bon moderator even! Now Zal’s balls are really sinking in…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:29 PM

ha typo

misomLast Friday at 7:30 PM

@Gaia “Gewalt” in german comes from “walten” and means the same as the greek “nemo” und “nomos”, english approximately: to organize how the common is shared. (etymologically that is…)



napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:30 PM

9 devide by 11 = 081 wanknobe

GaiaLast Friday at 7:31 PM

so our dear welders are the core of community sharing?

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:31 PM

well dur
did i win again
the other two arent playing
what game is it

GaiaLast Friday at 7:33 PM

looks more like some modern “art” project if you ask me

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:33 PM

focault that

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 7:34 PM

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:34 PM

focaults pendulum would eventually be leaning

GaiaLast Friday at 7:34 PM

foucault, or fauxcult as he also is known… @John le Bon what have you to say about this Cavendishish clown?

SilverbeamLast Friday at 7:34 PM

TV has taught us how to act @anounceofsaltperday

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 7:35 PM

jlbeeteljuice jlbeeteljuice jlbeeteljuice
buckle up

GaiaLast Friday at 7:35 PM

Lennon with lime, sorry I pass
…if anyone asks, I am in association mode…
blame Club Colombia

JRAdams857Last Friday at 7:41 PM

@misom From Cultural Patterns and Technical Change


best of luck @Gaia with the new job

SilverbeamLast Friday at 7:51 PM

Now they have hot-desking where you just bring in your devices and find a free desk.
True Frank, many many jobs are useless

GaiaLast Friday at 7:58 PM

@typoerror thanks man!

typoerrorLast Friday at 7:59 PM

Cat herding is job for life unless you can herd them into a river or the sea.





napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 8:08 PM

gaias fucking hilarious
im a nazlim

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 8:12 PM

Moonkey is a sync video inspired by monkeys, the moon, Jupiter and the evolution of consciousness. It was designed as a live performance. is mixed by DJ Kasm.…

napoleon wilsonLast Friday at 8:13 PM

flat screen tv in the desert


whats on

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 8:26 PM





GaiaLast Friday at 8:27 PM

great name too

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 8:28 PM

my salt company is www.australianflakesalt.com.au

typoerrorLast Friday at 8:33 PM

Pre-Adamism for me

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 8:40 PM

misomLast Friday at 8:43 PM

can you hear me?

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 8:44 PM

@misom you might have to close discord down and restart it

misomLast Friday at 8:45 PM

doesnt work, sorry, will keep trying

typoerrorLast Friday at 8:45 PM

slant driller

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 9:09 PM

“Men Have Become the Tools of Their Tools.” – Henry David Thoreau

SilverbeamLast Friday at 9:12 PM

information exists independently of the medium



typoerrorLast Friday at 9:18 PM

not in our case
And I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed by accident, or one house burned, or one vessel wrecked, or one steamboat blown up, or one cow run over on the Western Railroad, or one mad dog killed, or one lot of grasshoppers in the winter, – we need never read of another. One is enough. If you are acquainted with the principle, what do you care for a myriad instances and applications?” ? Henry David Thoreau, Walden


Walden Pond


nice wallpaper
& missom
what do you think Bond(edited)
Jesuit Agent Provocatuer, lol

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 9:41 PM

who is playing which role @typoerror ?

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 9:42 PM

that photo looks pretty fake

typoerrorLast Friday at 9:43 PM

the agent is being played by a provocatuer who is a jew.
playing a jesuit?

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 9:48 PM

I remember whale.to/ very fondly, and it links to www.wellaware1.com/

typoerrorLast Friday at 9:48 PM

Goldbuug team ftw

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 9:48 PM

@anounceofsaltperday ^

typoerrorLast Friday at 9:55 PM


Phil BlanksLast Friday at 10:01 PM

gotta love the tony clifton photo(edited)
@anounceofsaltperday who was that anthropologist?

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 10:07 PM

Lillian Gliebermann

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 10:07 PM


anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 10:08 PM

Lillian G’s paper

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:11 PM

what came first, the salt or the eggs?(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 10:15 PM

Amrita (Sanskrit: ????, IAST: am?ta), Amrith or Amata, is a word that literally means “immortality” and is often referred to in texts as nectar. “Am?ta” is etymologically related to the Greek ambrosia and carries the same meaning….

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:22 PM

solar outbursts at the end of the last ice age
only the pyramids left
who sounds like jesse ventura
randolph carleson(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 10:23 PM

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:26 PM

Dr. Jekyll and

JRAdams857Last Friday at 10:26 PM

misomLast Friday at 10:33 PM


typoerrorLast Friday at 10:33 PM

GaiaLast Friday at 10:33 PM

One doesn’t need “gravitons” to have gravity
thanks for the ammonite

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:36 PM

stick it here
the pipe

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 10:37 PM

nice typo(edited)

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:37 PM

not long enough

GaiaLast Friday at 10:38 PM

“stick it here” “the pipe”, today you get fired for such perverse thoughts in Hollyjew…

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:39 PM

beauty is in the eye of smut peddler(edited)

GaiaLast Friday at 10:40 PM

I live in Colombia, I am surrounded by beauties…

misomLast Friday at 10:41 PM

good night all see you later :smiley:

GaiaLast Friday at 10:41 PM

gute nacht @misom

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:43 PM

g’night missom. Thanks for the message

JustsayindudeLast Friday at 10:51 PM

You want force? How about atmosphere spinning 1000 mph at equator?

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:54 PM

datum to datum

HeyCitizenLast Friday at 10:56 PM

The expression figure of the Earth has various meanings in geodesy according to the way it is used and the precision with which the Earth’s size and shape is to be defined. While the sphere is a close approximation of the true figure of the Earth…

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:57 PM

free stationing man.

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 10:58 PM

the hump

typoerrorLast Friday at 10:59 PM

least square adjustment

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:00 PM

Vincenty’s formulae are two related iterative methods used in geodesy to calculate the distance between two points on the surface of a spheroid, developed by Thaddeus Vincenty (1975a) They are based on the assumption that the figure of the Earth …

GaiaLast Friday at 11:00 PM

drop from horizontal = 8 ft / m^2
mi^2 sorry

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:01 PM

Eratosthenes of Cyrene (; Greek: ??????????? ? ?????????, IPA: [eratost?én??s]; c. 276 BC – c.?195/194 BC) was a Greek mathematician, geographer, poet, astronomer, and music theorist. He was a man of learning, beco…

JustsayindudeLast Friday at 11:03 PM

@Gaia you have forgotten the dust particulate in the air. If the distance is far enough there would be enough particulate to build a brick wall

John le BonLast Friday at 11:05 PM

i am listening live

John le BonLast Friday at 11:05 PM

more flat earth?

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:06 PM

lack of hump and air pimp.

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:08 PM

John le BonLast Friday at 11:09 PM


GaiaLast Friday at 11:09 PM

hey John

John le BonLast Friday at 11:09 PM

Hi Gaia

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:09 PM

John, I wanted to ask you about the link you sent

John le BonLast Friday at 11:10 PM

Im listening while sitting at my laptop at the cafe. I like Frank the Salt Guy but this FE schtick is old, tired and boring

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:10 PM

curve search oz style www.icsm.gov.au/gda/gdatm/inde…(edited)

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:10 PM

would you possiblyl have a list of primary sources? I only got book of the dead from that article

John le BonLast Friday at 11:10 PM

List of WHAT primary sources?

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:10 PM


John le BonLast Friday at 11:11 PM

You can either find a primary source or you cannot.

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:11 PM

yea. and you said in thhe call you had that happen a bunch of times
did I catch tat right?

John le BonLast Friday at 11:12 PM

Yes. Any ‘ancient civilisation’ I have looked into, I have failed to find primaru sources which support the official narrative.

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:12 PM

could you please provide more specifics about that?
like your negative results data

GaiaLast Friday at 11:12 PM

This mountain (Mt Rinjani is 3700 m high). This photo was taken from an altitude of 2500 m in Sumbawa, to the east of Lombok, where Mt Rinjani is. I am happy to share my photo, unedited: imgur.com/4dQSLQi.jpg

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:12 PM

that’d be useful

GaiaLast Friday at 11:13 PM

this view is IMPOSSIBLE with a Flat or Concave Earth

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:13 PM

John le BonLast Friday at 11:14 PM

@phil I have produced a few articles which deal specifically with my investigastions into ancient history. You can find them at my website. Here is one example: www.johnlebon.com/articles/the…

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:14 PM

@John le Bon could ya hook a brotha up with a membership?

John le BonLast Friday at 11:15 PM

If you can hook a brother up with $20

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:15 PM


typoerrorLast Friday at 11:20 PM

John le BonLast Friday at 11:20 PM

Well I would have liked to have had a live fakeologist stream on in the background But this is more of the same crap about FE Real shame.
2015 will soon be three years ago, guys.

GaiaLast Friday at 11:23 PM

the distance across the Earth’s surface from where I took my photo (the western slopes of Tambora) of Mt Rinjani (1200 m HIGHER!) is 160 km(edited)
2500 m – 160 km farther – 3700 m and it just looks and is LOWER than where I took the photo from
that can only be explained if the Earth is convex, and cannot be flat or concave
that doesn’t say anything about the position of the Earth w.r.t. the celestial bodies; , or geo-heliocentrism (Brahe) can still all be valid
it only disproves both Flat and Concave Earth
@John le Bon please chime in with your comments

John le BonLast Friday at 11:30 PM

My thoughts on cosmology are all here: www.johnlebon.com/key-topics/b…

GaiaLast Friday at 11:30 PM

I did check that out…

John le BonLast Friday at 11:30 PM

I feel like the topic has been done to death and have little patience for it now.

GaiaLast Friday at 11:32 PM

still the question is open what our position is w.r.t. the other celestial bodies’
you think heliocentrism is false. Ok. So what then? Geocentrism (like Ptolemaen) or geo-heliocentrism (Tycho Brahe or Simon Shack’s model)? @John le Bon

John le BonLast Friday at 11:33 PM

I explained this in that two-hour video.

GaiaLast Friday at 11:34 PM

actually I didn’t hear what is your alternative, that’s why I ask it

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:34 PM

hold that chariot(edited)

John le BonLast Friday at 11:34 PM

And I spent many hours writing up my thoughts in the 18,000-word article. My thought on this matter are not easily conveyed in a few words.

GaiaLast Friday at 11:34 PM

currently there are only 3 models around; heliocentrism, geocentrism and geo-heliocentrism. Do you agree with any of these or propose a whole new idea? @John le Bon

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:36 PM

This list provides an overview of some of the significant or common map projections. Because there is no limit to the number of possible map projections, there is no definitive list that includes all of them.

John le BonLast Friday at 11:36 PM

My framework is different to what I understand the three you listed to entail.

GaiaLast Friday at 11:37 PM

@John le Bon so neither the Sun nor the Earth is in the centre of all the other celestial bodies we call “planets” surrounding it?

John le BonLast Friday at 11:37 PM

One can MODEL the movements of the heavens on either a geocentric or heliocentric system One can NOT model the movements of the heavens on a ‘flat earth’ system But ultimately these are just models, and the map is not the terrain.

GaiaLast Friday at 11:38 PM

I all agree with that

HeyCitizenLast Friday at 11:38 PM

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:40 PM

kings landing?

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 11:47 PM

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:49 PM

Phil BlanksLast Friday at 11:52 PM

Rio to Perth google flights

anounceofsaltperdayLast Friday at 11:53 PM

globe fiight

HeyCitizenLast Friday at 11:54 PM

GaiaLast Friday at 11:55 PM

www.skyscanner.net/transport/f… Diredt flight Auckland (NZ) to Buenos Aires (AR)

typoerrorLast Friday at 11:57 PM

November 25, 2017

typoerrorYesterday at 12:07 AM

gyro’s not working

JustsayindudeYesterday at 12:18 AM

@Gaia its perspective You do no look up at tall objects in the distance That is why you can see clouds in the distance while standing under an awning

typoerrorYesterday at 12:18 AM

Henry Maudslay (pronunciation and spelling) (22 August 1771 – 14 February 1831) was a British machine tool innovator, tool and die maker, and inventor. He is considered a founding father of machine tool technology. His inventions were an import…

JustsayindudeYesterday at 12:18 AM

The cloud is higher than the awning but you see it below the awning

typoerrorYesterday at 12:20 AM

Jan Verbruggen (Enkhuizen, 4 september 1712 – Londen, 27 oktober 1781) was een Nederlands kunstschilder en meestergieter. Verbruggen is vooral bekend door zijn werk in de Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, waar hij een horizontale boormachine ontwikkelde…

cant understand that one
“it all hangs together”

Phil BlanksYesterday at 12:44 AM

The Piltdown Man was a paleoanthropological hoax in which bone fragments were presented as the fossilised remains of a previously unknown early human. In 1912, the amateur archaeologist Charles Dawson claimed that he had discovered the “missing l…

If reports are true — that a meteorite killed a man in India — Saturday’s event will be the first time a meteorite has killed a person on record.

typoerrorYesterday at 12:52 AM

it’s dark
don’t panic
fakeologist has a new gif Avatar

HeyCitizenYesterday at 12:55 AM


typoerrorYesterday at 12:58 AM

click on it and it waves. Coming up

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 1:01 AM

typoerrorYesterday at 1:02 AM

typoerrorYesterday at 1:14 AM

spanish version?

Phil BlanksYesterday at 1:26 AM

believe: To accept as true, particularly without absolute certainty

typoerrorYesterday at 1:28 AM

She is
digit ratio fine

typoerrorYesterday at 2:22 AM

:clap: @ Friday night Fakeologists

JRAdams857Yesterday at 5:16 PM

hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.com/2… The call from HBC I mentioned to K yesterday…
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