How to build a pyramid

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examines how one might have built a pyramid, different from the official narrative.

Egypt is a very important chapter in the official narrative of the history of the world as we know it today. The quantity of artefacts is as impressive as the number of theories surrounding each discovery. And the alternative historians and occasionally conspiracy theorists also heavily contribute in the myth of a country that never really mattered internationally but that more so live on its glorious past that seems very hard to actually find once you start looking.

Source: all unreal | A Pyramid the Army did -solid soldier work

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1 thought on “How to build a pyramid

  1. el sushi de la mancha

    Very much enjoyed this last piece from Unreal, especially the combined anagram/ambigram analogy, makes totally sense to me. This and the idea that those pyramids were just a rather sloppy job made by some military personnel coordinated with some civil engineers (much probably working for the military too) made of geopolymers

    The flatness seen today is artificial, and the first drawings from Napoleons French campaign in Egypt by Colonel Coutelle and consorts clearly demonstrate the geological rock formations that the pyramids are actually built upon.


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