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A look into a small piece of the hoax construction mechanics.

The following comment is by Jack33, a commenter brought here long ago by our friend Annette. He has given me permission to reprint it. Jack33 linked me to the Cleburne Times Review, an annoying pop-up infested newspaper that quickly insists on subscription to access its branded tripe, warning that we are given only five clicks before before the wall goes up. Use your clicks wisely! We don’t want to miss it if the Times Review accidentally prints something true or, God forbid, insightful. (I would like to

Source: Hearses fall like manna from heaven – Piece of Mindful

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1 thought on “reHEARSEd

  1. xileffilex

    Cemetery visit by Side Thorn –…
    Where did the guy at the end come from – why didn’t Thorn chat to him with, his easy manner? He spoke with a pastor on another video.
    There’s even a staged, hoaxed car crash from the same local team


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