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Shapeshifting in space 

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Simon has such a way with words.

I have a P900 – and I can barely capture the moon at full zoom – and it isn’t even moving that fast (or am I on our spinning ball?).

There is no way anyone could possible capture the fictive ISS, if, as we are lied to, is going 17,000 miles per hour. Without some sort of computer tracking device, it’s just not physically possible.

If anything representing the ISS is flying by, it’s some sort of high altitude plane. I am sure no one could see the ISS based on its fake altitude and size, so I don’t even know why Simon is entertaining the thread at all.

Dear NotRap,I applaud you for your valiant efforts in trying to snap the sharpest possible image of that (ever-changing & seemingly “shape-shifting”) speck of light traversing our skies known as “the ISS” ( aka “the Thing”, on this forum). I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next set of pictures.In the meantime, let me just post (for comparison) a few images of the “Thing” – which I recently added to my ever-growing collection of “ISS” imagery :These are two images which one Barbara Mueller sent me a few weeks ago. She says she used a handheld Nikon P900 camera to snap these two shots:

Source: View topic – Fakery in Orbit: THE I$$ • Cluesforum.info

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FAC395-Scary nukes

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With Ab, Napoleon, Justsayindude, Phil Blanks, Misom, Notsofreemason, Mahatma Coat, John Adams, JamesM, Rochello, Contrarious, John le Bon, Gaia,.

Can anyone else rile up a room like John Le Bon? Listen in and find out..

Two videos come to mind when I listen to John LeBon and no John this is not a personal attack..

A full synopsis is needed. Please contribute your thoughts below in comments.

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