FAC395 Show notes

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typoerrorYesterday at 4:07 PM

as per chat.
you know my position on sept clues. needs an update.

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:19 PM

i would like to know your postion of sept clues

typoerrorYesterday at 4:20 PM

room 11
hi frank

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:20 PM

hi typo
are you going to espuse your view on sept clues ?

typoerrorYesterday at 4:21 PM

napolean has unmuted for a while then muted me.
then unmuted
-a +o

anounceofsaltperdayYesterday at 4:21 PM

you are muted now

typoerrorYesterday at 4: PM

i did that
we were talking about 3 things
a;l which i am suspose i forgotted

misomYesterday at 5:12 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:14 PM

hello doll
“The Machine Stops” is a science fiction short story (12,300 words) by E. M. Forster. After initial publication in The Oxford and Cambridge Review (November 1909), the story was republished in Forster’s The Eternal Moment and Other Stories in 192…

misomYesterday at 5:19 PM

hi napoleon, john, jsd, mahatma, notsofree, phill, typo :smiley:

mahatma coatYesterday at 5:19 PM

iya misom

misomYesterday at 5:26 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:28 PM

911 bottom

misomYesterday at 5:28 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:34 PM


typoerrorYesterday at 5:36 PM

welcome to rm11 deletetheelite !!!!!

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:39 PM

i invented that name
and the italian stallion

misomYesterday at 5:58 PM


GaiaYesterday at 6:18 PM

just listening for the moment


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 6:19 PM





typoerrorYesterday at 6:35 PM

misomYesterday at 6:38 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 6:39 PM



typoerrorYesterday at 6:40 PM

im triggered nap mr fitz fourth wall !!!

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 6:40 PM

love ya man

typoerrorYesterday at 6:40 PM

typos in house moderator
mr fitz

JRAdams857Yesterday at 7:01 PM

Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.- Arthur Koestler The Ghost in the Machine

misomYesterday at 7:01 PM

was he a mason ?


JRAdams857Yesterday at 7:02 PM

He was a culture manipulator for sure

misomYesterday at 7:02 PM

im getting better, no? :smiley:

JRAdams857Yesterday at 7:04 PM

Ja, besser:thumbsup:


misomYesterday at 7:14 PM

The Illusionist Set in turn-of-the-century Viennahe movie follows a master magician named Eisenheim who vies with Crown Prince Leopold of Vienna for the hand of noblewoman Sophie, the girl he once loved, a woman far above his social standing.

JRAdams857Yesterday at 7:15 PM

Wilson Bryan Key- Subliminal Seduction

JRAdams857Yesterday at 7:19 PM

@misom Absolutely

misomYesterday at 7:21 PM

@JRAdams857 the above movie is based on the pontential of moving images to present “illusion” if one is not aware of that technology. it is placed in late 19. century
the guy fakes the death of his beloved one and presents her in theatre as the ghost of her – he is a magician, the public has no idea that moving images have been invented…

ZalYesterday at 7:24 PM

abs great great grand father was probably in the crowd handing out flyers calling it out

misomYesterday at 7:24 PM

“Henry aFordable” © fakeologist
why do you call it streetcar over there in ‘merika ? what other cars do you have ? :smiley:
in every story there is a hidden streetcar :smiley:
ah, so streetcars are busses ?

mahatma coatYesterday at 7:31 PM

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040 www.theguardian.com/politics/2…
Plans follow French commitment to take polluting vehicles off the road owing to effect of poor air quality on people’s health

misomYesterday at 7:31 PM

congestion (noun ) = Verkehrsstau

mahatma coatYesterday at 7:33 PM

Drop for seventh month in a row driven by 30% plunge in diesel vehicle sales amid growing confusion over government’s road fuel policy

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:33 PM

where were going

mahatma coatYesterday at 7:33 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:34 PM


mahatma coatYesterday at 7:35 PM

the rhodes are long, with many a winding turn, he aint heavy he’s my brother

JRAdams857Yesterday at 7:41 PM

@misom Yes The Prestige is another good one along these lines

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:42 PM


John le BonYesterday at 7:48 PM

Just listening. Not currently near a mic.

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:49 PM

john le poof
hes unable
stop it
one stones work

misomYesterday at 7:51 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 7:53 PM

einstien was thh narative that was needed to combine the philosophers stones no more than that
hence onestone
night ladies

typoerrorYesterday at 7:54 PM

accidental ejection

John le BonYesterday at 7:59 PM

The first minute is just

John le BonYesterday at 8:02 PM

Do you believe that roamed the earth?
Simple question, but is there a simple answer?

FakeologistYesterday at 8:04 PM

Duck and Cover is a civil defense social guidance film that is often popularly mischaracterized as propaganda. Film production started in 1951 and it gained its first public screening in January 1952 during the era after the Soviet Union began nu…

Pripyat (Ukrainian: ?????’???, translit. Pryp”jat’ [?pr?pj?t?] Pronunciation) is a ghost town in northern Ukraine, near the Ukraine-Belarus border. Named after the nearby Pripyat River, Pripyat was founded on 4 February 1970, as the …

typoerrorYesterday at 8:05 PM

i want live in a ghost town

FakeologistYesterday at 8:06 PM

typoerrorYesterday at 8:06 PM

and have abosulutely nothing to do with vampires(edited)

misomYesterday at 8:07 PM

The following is a list of ghost towns, listed by continent, then by country.

typoerrorYesterday at 8:07 PM

or buffy
st marie.
and hot water bottles

typoerrorYesterday at 8:10 PM

rubber hot water bottles
gutta percha
i love children
roast or boiled
klunk klik

misomYesterday at 8:13 PM

nuclear porn(edited)

typoerrorYesterday at 8:13 PM

wizard boy
f bomb
q bomb

misomYesterday at 8:14 PM

nuclear family :::: nuclear bomb
Mr. Nabors found fame as an amiable bumpkin while pursuing as a second career as a singer with a booming baritone voice.

typoerrorYesterday at 8:18 PM

gaia hates india
its horrible
oh momma

misomYesterday at 8:19 PM


typoerrorYesterday at 8:19 PM

as a toc h lamp
a toe

misomYesterday at 8:19 PM


typoerrorYesterday at 8:21 PM

thats my pasword
blu ray?

typoerrorYesterday at 8:25 PM


GaiaYesterday at 8:25 PM

@typoerror I’ve been there and WORKed ther and yes, it’s hell
just behind Israel
trash/garbage/basura everywhere
and on top of that the caste “system”
it’s sick

typoerrorYesterday at 8:26 PM

i will try again when i can concentrate

@mahatma coat
(anarchy) A

GaiaYesterday at 8:28 PM

anarchism :heart:

typoerrorYesterday at 8:29 PM

the bait from basel
i’m a bum from b’ham


JRAdams857Yesterday at 8:32 PM

Damn it’s late for y’all

GaiaYesterday at 8:33 PM

@Roch3llo this is Rollo, from Australia?
@JRAdams857 it’s half 8 here…
20:33, Mason time in Colombia

typoerrorYesterday at 8:34 PM

pollack n jazz

John le BonYesterday at 8:34 PM

Jeranism sincere? Lol come on man


typoerrorYesterday at 8:34 PM

greenburg a nd was it nica

misomYesterday at 8:35 PM

get a mic @John le Bon :smiley:


typoerrorYesterday at 8:37 PM

Show notes Typo muted again.
time to sleep when we are dead(edited)
68 in sccrabble
gatekeping charity

John le BonYesterday at 8:44 PM

Does Ab REALLY believe Jeranism is sincere? Come on Ab, we’re all friends here.
You are a consumate professional, Ab. You have held out with the diplomacy with these charlatans for longer than I could.

typoerrorYesterday at 8:46 PM

whats a sine cure?

JRAdams857Yesterday at 8:51 PM

Awesome… Rochello’s in the house… room? @Roch3llo

misomYesterday at 9:02 PM

wish everyone a good time, stay well, good night.

JRAdams857Yesterday at 9:07 PM

@misom see you tomorrow:eye:

GaiaYesterday at 9:07 PM

@misom Gute Nacht misom, Danke

Phil BlanksYesterday at 9:12 PM


Phil BlanksYesterday at 9:47 PM

Once you see it laid out like this, it doesn’t take much to put *dwóh and *dwóh together.

mahatma coatYesterday at 10:12 PM


typoerrorYesterday at 10:14 PM

is he 13 or slightly older
or batos
phil started it
phil started it
then went on it was pretty crap from phil
he is a liar
mental folss is that hoi polois dad
such evils
7hrs 03 mins
out of hand
more questions?
would you mind?
media chat?
david crystal
know his onions
busy in the live stream/
?doing what
cus you’ll go to hell phil
it never evolved
bad show phil
not show “show”.
just bad show.
+ –
zom in zoom out
a greater point(edited)
missed in the debate
fuckin A
David Crystal, (born 6 July 1941) is a British linguist, academic and author.

JRAdams857Yesterday at 10:41 PM

typoerrorYesterday at 10:41 PM

i could get him on the phone
St Cross Street London, EC1N
Founded in 1910, the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) received its Royal Charter in 2005,[
transcript read by pro’s
american express
pay pal
n bit coin
ora pro nobis

typoerrorYesterday at 11:03 PM


mahatma coatYesterday at 11:07 PM

yum yum controversy for my apostles

typoerrorYesterday at 11:10 PM

9 no lag
streamer bot must be overloded

December 1, 2017

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1 thought on “FAC395 Show notes

  1. Phil Blanks (Zero Zeros)

    We have a dialogue about language drift, sociolinguistics, linguistics, and the dumbing down of English with acronymy and stupid pictures replacing words (Emojis).

    Then John the bad guy derails it by
    * saying he doesn’t understand and it doesn’t matter because he won’t understand or study any works in the field
    * using the passive voice
    * asking closed ended questions
    * offering no examples to back up his points
    * proposing possibilities without offering any reason for others to consider the possibility
    * making character attacks / calling others’ points about relevant info character attacks
    * asking questions with infinite recursion
    * using circular logic founded in doubt and doubt about doubt. No beliefs.

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