FAC397-Saturday night big one

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With Kham, John Adams, Phil Blanks, Soundwave40, Anounceofsalt, Mahatma Coat, SMJ, Notsofreemason, Gaia, Farcevalue, Misom, Sophie, Rollo

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1 thought on “FAC397-Saturday night big one

  1. UNreal

    Listening to parts of this audiochat it was indeed surprising to hear some parents very early made some pretty strange decisions for their offspring such as offering dolls to young boys which in my view is as far removed from sanity as can be.

    To address John Adams directly, i’d really appreciate if he can use my alternative researcher pen name which is Unreal. Nomenclature can be misleading and while i’m not opposed to anyone knowing my real name – i do not appreciate to appear under that name while i engage in controversial topics as this can lead to confusion or unwanted social attention. To be even more precise – those who do insist on using my first name are mostly those who find my research troublesome or erroneous and thus seems to imply either an unwarranted familiarity with my person or a conflicting side to my integrity. I’m sure using Unreal will be as easy for friend as for foe – at least now that my position is expressed publicly.

    When it comes to Elite Gender Inversion it is of course flattering to learn that the topic interest even those who admittedly are not interested of the topic. When wise men as John Adams endeavours into territory he admits having no extensive knowledge of nor any particular interest in – how can he honestly justify having an opinion worth expressing ?

    I’m sure we still have many elements wrong when it comes to EGI but let us be clear that there are factual occurrences of Elite individuals who have indeed concealed their true gender-identity and as such makes refuting the value of any in-depth study of the motivations behind such behaviour very much like gate-keeping on a false assumption. Unless of course coincidence is the best explanation for the known cases which sound very untypical to me but reasonable for some dudes i guess.

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