Is Simon ready to send NotRap into orbit?

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Simon can be like a cat playing with a mouse on his forum. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for him to get ready to jettison this 0;ISS” fauxtographer – if not put the entire taking pictures discussion in clues’ derailing forum.

As I’ve said before, it’s very hard to even take a steady shot of the very slow moving moon with my P900. How anyone could even dream of taking a picture at night of this fictional 0;thing” is beyond my wildest imagination, given the official story of its size, distance, and speed.

Dear NotRap,Thanks for the link to that thread on asterisk.APOD(dot)com ( a forum hosted by NASA ). It was an interesting and entertaining read. Fraudsters are everywhere, see? So what’s your final take on Bianconi’s 0;ISS” imagery? Is it legit? A “yes” or “no” answer will suffice. Of course, more profound comments of yours will be a bonus.Seems like some nasty meteorites have crashed into the E and F sections of the “ISS” radiators…Rest assured, dear Notrap, that no paranoia is to be found in my soul : if your personal verdict is *I think it’s legit!*, my ego won’t be butthurt – nor is there any hostility on my part only for trying to comprehend your stance on this. Just share your thoughts with us, will you please? My stance is the following: the Bianconi images were crafted using a poorly-maintained chocolate-scale-model of the “ISS”. To be sure, Bianconi is a regular contributor to NASA’s very own… “APOD” website (Astronomical Picture Of the Day:… )

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