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Phil BlanksYesterday at 8:51 PM

Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck. Although it is a controversial topic, pathological…

mahatma coatYesterday at 9:34 PM

Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_Again… Most of the lyrics for the 1969 We Can Be Together, by the acid rock band Jefferson Airplane, were taken virtually word-for-word from a leaflet written by Motherfucker John Sundstrom, and published as 0;The Outlaw Page” in the East Village Other. The lyrics read in part, “We are all outlaws in the eyes of America. In order to survive we steal, cheat, lie, forge, fuck, hide, and deal… Everything you say we are, we are… Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker!” The song marked the first use of the word “fuck” on U.S. television, when the group played it uncensored on The Dick Cavett Show on August 19, 1969. This song also helped popularize the phrase as a counterculture rallying cry, over and beyond the immediate impact of the anarchist group. The line was famously shouted by Patty Hearst during a bank robbery. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patty_He…
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Patricia Campbell Hearst (born February 20, 1954),is the granddaughter of American publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst. She became internationally known for events following her 1974 kidnapping while she was a 19-year-old student living in…

overlysaltedYesterday at 9:34 PM

S.W.A.T. is an American action/crime drama television series about the adventures of a Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team operating in an unidentified California city. A spin-off of The Rookies, the series aired on ABC from February 1975…

True crime narratives are all the rage right now, and CBS has been working hard to get its own true crime shows into development over the past several months. This weekend, we learned that CBS has signed on for a new limited series.

GaiaYesterday at 9:42 PM

@overlysalted you found it out
it was that one

overlysaltedYesterday at 9:42 PM

@Gaia yes

GaiaYesterday at 9:42 PM

the Hollywood doc is called 44 minutes, numerology red flag

overlysaltedYesterday at 9:46 PM

@Gaia Here’s another famous shootout en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1986_F…
The 1986 FBI Miami shootout was a gun battle that occurred on April 11, 1986, in a formerly unincorporated region of Miami-Dade County in South Florida (incorporated as Pinecrest in 1996) between eight FBI agents and two serial bank robbers. Duri…



mahatma coatYesterday at 9:56 PM

Carnivorous saboteurs may have been responsible for putting meat in a range of vegetarian pies endorsed by Linda McCartney, the wife of the former Beatle, Paul, writes Steve Boggan.


HBC-ChrisYesterday at 10:11 PM

Food technologists are wrestling with a big question: What do you call a meat product that doesn’t come directly from an animal?



SilverbeamYesterday at 10:38 PM

JRAdams857Yesterday at 10:49 PM

Forget about eye of newt. Real-life black practitioners are in the market for roasted fetuses. British citizen Chow Hok Kuen, 28, was arrested i…


GaiaYesterday at 10:51 PM

it’s like the gold foil coming with those hoaxes…

Phil BlanksYesterday at 11:03 PM

Econophysics is an interdisciplinary research field, applying theories and methods originally developed by physicists in order to solve problems in economics, usually those including uncertainty or stochastic processes and nonlinear dynamics. Som…
^ back of the napkin calculation (terms)

mahatma coatYesterday at 11:25 PM

flotation tank

JRAdams857Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Patrick 0;Pat” O’Reilly Brown, (born 1954) is chief executive and founder of Impossible Foods Inc. and professor emeritus in the department of biochemistry at Stanford University. Brown is co-founder of the Public Library of Science, inventor of t…

mahatma coatYesterday at 11:43 PM

I have to shut up now or i’ll wake everyone up but i’m still listening

HBC-ChrisYesterday at 11:45 PM

Phil BlanksYesterday at 11:51 PM

December 4, 2017

mahatma coatToday at 12:10 AM

Trump to Mars!

Phil BlanksToday at 12:18 AM

World Game, sometimes called the World Peace Game, is an educational simulation developed by Buckminster Fuller in 1961 to help create solutions to overpopulation and the uneven distribution of global resources. This alternative to war games uses…
The Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link, normally shortened to The WELL, is one of the oldest virtual communities in continuous operation. As of June 2012, it had 2,693 members. It is best known for its Internet forums, but also provides email, shell acc…

The Whole Earth Catalog (WEC) was an American counterculture magazine and product catalog published by Stewart Brand several times a year between 1968 and 1972, and occasionally thereafter, until 1998. The magazine featured essays and articles, b…

JRAdams857Today at 12:34 AM



Phil BlanksToday at 12:45 AM

hexayurt ^^

JRAdams857Today at 1:01 AM

BBS: The Documentary (commonly referred to as BBS Documentary) is a 3-disc, 8-episode documentary about the subculture born from the creation of the bulletin board system (BBS) filmed by computer historian Jason Scott Sadofsky of textfiles.com. P…

Trans-iston from Disco to Synth New Wave

Phil BlanksToday at 1:21 AM

Moonkey is a sync video inspired by monkeys, the moon, Jupiter and the evolution of consciousness. It was designed as a live performance. Music is mixed by DJ Kasm.…

Michael Anthony Hoffman II (born 1957) is an American and denier.
0:42 William James
“buzzing and blooming confusion”

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