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  1. xileffilex

    We’ve just had the first anniversary which apparently went unremarked upon in Europe. Not so in the USA where there was a mass grieve-in of “survivors” of “the deadliest shooting” in the country

    Faye’s Fakeopedia page is excellent.

    Our erstwhile friend AA Morrisi seemed latterly fixated on the “victim” from this “attack”, Sonny Melton being the signicant “First Named Victim” of the “attack”.


    Sonny Melton graduated from Union University in 2015 with a bachelor of science in nursing accelerated degree and was president of his BSNA class, according to the Jackson, Tennessee, university.

    Mrs Melton was a much much older orthopaedic surgeon. Sonny was the running human shield…Married 2016
    Full interview with duping –

    Mrs Melton – honoured at Chieftains [vs Titans] game, 2 months later, Baumann style – check!
    The Titans also announced that the franchise would donate $10,000 to the Sonny Melton scholarship fund. [check!]

    But it’s a good story.
    And a good divorce too for the lawyers, the former Mrs Gulish Gladwell contesting dividing up the not insubstantial estate with Mr Tony Neil Gladwell jr.


    Naturally, the former Mrs Gladwell’s grieving and remembering is all over her self-promoting FB pages.

    and on her dad’s FB in 2009, a baby Serena her [elder children are Ryan and Alexa]

    Nursing Scholarship in memory of Sonny Melton – check!

    also reported early in the UK….[Standard, op cit]

    Jordan McIldoon, a 23-year-old man from the Canadian province British Columbia, was also among the dead, the Canadian Broadcasting Company reported.
    His parents told CBC: “We only had one child. We just don’t know what to do.”

    aside – if the parents are NOT in the loop, perhaps he wanted to get away from them. #NDNGH. If they ARE in the loop, they do know what to do- they can skype him. It’s good to keep in touch.


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