7 thoughts on “Do they ever really get to the tippy top?

  1. marin2

    Reinhold Messner Interviewed by Wade Davis (Voice Only) Search on the internet.

    R. Messner and P.Habeler were the first ones who climbed the Mount Everest without oxygen in 1978 with the Austrian’s Mount Everest expedition. In 1980 or 1981 R. Messner climbed solo the Mount Everest from the Chinese side. Ueli Steck climbed the Mount Everest in a record time.
    You can find everything on the internet.
    There have been a lot op people on top of the Mount Everest.

  2. xileffilex

    Hmmm where are all the photos? Here’s one which surfaced after 5 years
    the poster writes “the dead bodies you pass really focus the mind”
    Let’s see…
    but the stand out “dead body” is that of someone called “green boots” whose identity they’re not even sure of!
    And green boots seems to change position, one minute he’s on his left hip, the next on his right.
    Compare the photo in the Wiki entry
    with that at 3:!3 the following video…

    The snow also seems to be melting up there at 28,000 feet. Perhaps it’s global warming causing it?

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