FAC400-Smelly psyops

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Another long one, starting in the evening and going to the next day.

With Rollo, Ab, Gaia, Wayfaring Stranger, Anounceofsalt, Silverbeam, Napoleon, Yossarian, Anounceofsalt, Typo, Soundwave40, Sophia

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4 thoughts on “FAC400-Smelly psyops

  1. xileffilex


    The lead singer ran past us with his girlfriend saying ‘Run baby run!’
    ‘There was the crackle of gunshots and people stumbling on the steps, I can’t remember hearing anyone screaming.
    ‘It was all so surreal and the adrenaline took over – it was all a blur.

    I bet it was. Nice, convenient photos there too from an earlier concert in England.
    And the ticket, aka film prop…

    and now for some Boston Marathon trivia –
    Here’s Tatiana Maslany starring as Jeff Bauman’s girlfriend wearing vest #24802 in “Stronger” [a film based on a staged event]

    Erin Hurley ran as #24200 on the day in 2013; the number 24802 wasn’t issued, the only one from that block – fancy that. As if they already had the Gyllenhall film script written and the unused bib number 24802 was already at the film studio.

  2. xileffilex

    So, [0h 11mins 50s]Gaia’s wife knows someone who was among the [1500 allegedly] people inside the Bataclan venue? OK, let’s have the full story, no names, no pack drill. That ought to be easy to extract.
    For reference….
    …here’s a nice summary of the liars who were wheeled out to peddle the official narrative from that “packed venue” on 11/13/15. Go to 5:30 if you just want to hear the hyper unrealistic shooting sounds which goes on for another “12 to 15 minutes” LOL!

    Warning – it is not at all disturbing. Note the absence of screaming or panic in the created soundtrack.
    No, it’s ridiculous, not disturbing. So what did Gaia’s one friend removed do at that juncture ?

    It’s staged, it’s fake and it’s a hoax. Prove that this “someone” wasn’t one of the paid extras; if indeed there were any uninvited “concert goers” present. You can’t. The Bataclan was a sealed location. Why bother with unpredictable idiots whose stories won’t tally with the official one ?
    The more interesting events and bolder staged events are those which are not in totally sealable locations – London Bridge, Westminster Bridge. Perhaps the OXford Street, London “tube panic” which Delcroix brought up was a drill to monitor how uninvited idiots behave under drill conditions?

    Incidentally, shortly after the second anniversary of the Bataclan hrdpar event, a “suicide” was announced of a “Bataclan survivor” , a standard prolongation of the script for a fake event.
    The suicide of Guillaume Valette, aged 31, was announced by the charity 13Onze15 Fraternité – Verité, which was set up to support the victims of the Paris terror attacks.

    How was it announced? Facebook, naturally…
    “It’s with immense sadness that we learned of the death of Guillaume Valette,” read the statement.

    “Guillaume was 31-years-old, he was present at the Bataclan during the terrorist attack and did not wish to be helped by his family, or by one of the victims’ associations (“13onze15 – Fraternity and Truth” or ” Life For Paris “), he wanted to stay alone.

    “However, he was being followed by a psychiatrist and a psychologist,” read the statement with the charity adding that “the refusal of support was more linked to charities and the family (probably to protect it).”

    Total BS

    1. gaia

      Dear xileffilex,

      – no I cannot “prove” this girl and her boyfriend were not paid extras, that may well be the case that she just says she was there while she wasn’t. I do not know nor will ever know. My wife has her on Facebook, it’s not like she is friends with her or so. They know each other from school, and that is 20+ years ago.
      – the thing is; everything we get from this concert comes from the media, so that story indeed is completely controlled and sealed:
      * fake “witnesses” (plants, actors)
      * fake “victims” (plants, actors)
      * fake “bullets” (blanks, sound effects)
      * fake “wounds” (CGI, fake blood, make-up)
      * fake “deaths” (actors who use a borrowed, new or decommissioned identity or completely invented, only existing on paper)
      * fake photos (CGI) or staged photos (actors photographed)
      * fake videos (CGI) or staged videos (actors)

      – so of course what we analyze; the media stories, everything in that is fake. We agree on that.

      But, that doesn’t mean there was no concert at all. Look at Boston; there was a marathon going on (many innocent bystanders who -because of the media propaganda- believed they were part of a “real” terror attack). Same for 9/11. So many people witnessing “something going on at the WTC towers”, even when they see no planes. Those were inserted into the story using the ridiculously fake morphed “video” and so the memory of the people is overwritten by something else. The Mexico earthquake; the fact the media presents fake photos doesn’t mean there was no earthquake, felt by millions of people. The public staged events you talked about, idem. Anyone walking past it, would think it is a real event, or maybe a drill. But that drill thought will never reach us; censorship by alternative accounts and control by the media, they will not be able to tell their story if it deviates from the controlled one. On Facebook or Twitter there is enough asocial peer pressure around to overwrite those thoughts and then there is always the option of censorship there too.

      I think my argument for a real concert with real people and actors mixed in, fake bullets, fake terrorists (actors) , fake blood (bags of film blood, etc.) is quite strong; you create another layer of people, like that girl my wife knew years ago from school and her boyfriend, who will never ever see they have been tricked, because they were there. They are the hardest to convince of all the fakery going on and they serve another purpose; spread the story first-hand to others (like happened to my wife), creating more people around them that completely believe those staged events are real.

      That doesn’t mean they cannot be liars, plants, paid extras, like you suggest, I keep that option open. But I think the mix with actors and real normal people is stronger for the effect of these staged events.

      There is no “risk”. Nobody who is in that situation is going to see crisis actors or recognize the fake color of the blood or anything. They are in a state of shock, really believing they are part of a terrorist attack, so much of them imprinted in their minds from the Telescreens, that they cannot think straight and properly put inconsistencies together. It also happens fast. Then when they later see wounds on TV or other media, they have no way of comparing that to their memory and conclude it’s different, fishy, etc. Mind control prevents that.

      Neither of us can “prove” there was (no) concert going on that day.

      If you like we can chat in more detail about this on the Discord. Would be good.

      1. xileffilex

        Gaia, you said “a friend of my wife” rather than a facebook “friend” she hasn’t seen for 20 years, so excuse me if I assumed too much.
        I don’t think the Boston Marathon is a good example – the smoke bomb was set off at a time of minimum interest at the finish, getting on for 2 hours after the elite runners had finished, when most people had drifted away, allowing a large crowd of insiders, relatives and crisis actors to colonise the area outside Lens Crafters, Marathon Sports and the sweet shop [and also at smoke bomb site #2.] as the charity runners ambled past. The spectators across the road in the bleachers stands [which number probably included some people “in on it” including certainly one of the “citizen videographers] wouldn’t have been able to see jack shit, just a puff of smoke before they were cleared out. A perfect psy-op on a theoretically open stage.

        There ought to have been hundreds, [1500?] of survival stories from the Bataclan. Yet we get the same little crowd of actors spinning their story to the media. If I had tried to buy a ticket, I might have been told it was “sold out”. Who knows what went on inside there. Certainly nobody died, nobody got hurt.

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