Closing a highway to make a point

like this

This isn’t coincidologist, but I have to comment on this one since it’s going to make me very late for work and force me to pay a toll to get there:

Fatal collision involving a transport truck and car – wb at Martin Grove Rd-Toronto

Today, the main highway in Toronto is closed, directly in front of the Ontario Trucking Association‘s office (controlled op?).

Fatal collision: wb at Martin Grove. WB lanes to be closed at Martin Grove, truck and car involved.

lots of hoses, no water/ice on the road? The damage to the truck is a bent tank step?

Not even a day ago, Sarge announced a big press conference on this very topic, with a graphic just like the 0;crash” today.

OPP LAUNCHES OPERATION SAFE TRUCKING WITH INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO TARGETING DISTRACTED DRIVERS Media Conference: Toronto OPP Detachment- 2682 Keele Street Toronto. Monday December 11, 2017 8:30 am.


This is the fourth big “crash” in the last month or two. What a grand coincidence that a big announcement, no doubt costing the industry much money, will come today.

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