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Phil BlanksYesterday at 2:47 PM

Fakeopedia content plans: linking to forum posts and past shows / calls
Alex Jones is one of Bill Hicks’ characters fakeologist.com/fakeopedia/ind…

misomYesterday at 3:18 PM

@Wayfaring Stranger Fakeologist – 25.11.2017 Hey new Audiochatters please record a bumper for the archives. The script is 0;Hi, I’m Xxx from xyz and you’re listening to fakeologist radio on fakeologist dot com.”

Wayfaring StrangerYesterday at 3:23 PM

Thank you @misom

misomYesterday at 3:24 PM

you are welcome Stranger
@napoleon wilson i can’t come in now – im cooking :smiley:



Phil BlanksYesterday at 3:27 PM


GaiaYesterday at 3:27 PM

enjoy the cooking @misom lovely to speak to you later



Phil BlanksYesterday at 3:52 PM

GaiaYesterday at 3:53 PM

thanks, you have a more precise link with the best stuff. I want to include the best work (audiochats, forum posts, etc.)

Phil BlanksYesterday at 3:56 PM


A non-exhaustive listing of ships which have sunk as a result of striking ice masses of larger than “growler” or pack size (such collisions with minor ice are comparatively common, usually resulting in lesser damage). Note that many vessels have …

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:03 PM


misomYesterday at 5:33 PM

@Gaia just so you have the name of this man www.amazon.de/Urknall-Skandal-…



GaiaYesterday at 5:39 PM

For non-German speakers, the title of the book is “Big Bang Scandal”


Another book by the same author is in English: einsteins-universe.com/ebook_e…

misomYesterday at 5:49 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:54 PM

i looveconvertibles

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 6:01 PM

the elephnt in the room has the force
its a protection racket
fuck you pay e

ZalYesterday at 6:12 PM

well i just saw the new star wars
both fiction
but at least the one i saw has high production value

Phil BlanksYesterday at 6:19 PM

“People can get inflitrated with the spirit of the age.” -John Adams(edited)
search “natural human drive toward”: socially cohesive behavior, self-preservation, completion, freedom, independence and growth, cognitive bias, coherence and a perpetually open social universe
progress and change, the transcendent, foul language, mastery, independence, personal fulfillment, self-actualization, and the being in the here and now
meaning, with the desire for solace amid our existential mystery and dread; self-interest is tempered with civic virtue for the common good; consumerism; community
“Many are called. Few are chosen.” ( @TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.) )(edited)
~”God initiates men. Men cannot initiate men. That’s not how it works.” -TheRedLion(edited)

GaiaYesterday at 11:08 PM

pity he didn;t do it with those vegans
pretty lonely
“the meat industry is heavily subsidized”. yes and so is the vegan industry…
divide and conquer, the oldest in the book
“I don’t think ANYhing should be subsidized”
great man

December 14, 2017

SilverbeamToday at 12:52 AM

@Zal What did you think of Last Jedi? I was dissapointed again. The preqauls were better I reckon.

NotSoFreeMasonYesterday at 2:28 PM

My wife is from Evansville

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 2:49 PM

77 right on
thats the year

Wayfaring StrangerYesterday at 3:34 PM

Titanic was sunk on purpose to eliminate opposition to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Some of the wealthiest men in the world were aboard the Titanic for its maiden voyage. Several of whom including John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isidor Straus were allegedly opposed to the creation of a U.S. central bank. All three men died during the sinking.



napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:43 PM

Get out your heavy winter coats because this year’s best meteor shower peaks tonight.  The Geminid meteor shower is expected to be an incredible show for the folks who can see it in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  is predicting the meteor rates could be as high as 60 per hour in dark
look for ufos



TypomutedYesterday at 4:47 PM

napolean hoax

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:48 PM

If it’s clear outside on Wednesday night (Dec. 13) and Thursday morning (Dec. 14) before dawn, be sure to go outdoors. One of the year’s top meteor showers, the Geminids, will peak, with rates as high as one or two meteors per minute at around 10 p.m.

hello typo

TypomutedYesterday at 4:48 PM

Napoleon was 6ft 6 ‘

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:48 PM

he was

TypomutedYesterday at 4:48 PM

and Nelson was only 3ft. 4′

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:50 PM

would you like to listen
to me
mi5 som
that winds typo up

TypomutedYesterday at 4:51 PM

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:51 PM

tpos mi5

TypomutedYesterday at 4:51 PM

xmas on marz

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:51 PM

oh yes
we love the martians

TypomutedYesterday at 4:52 PM

thrusterz nudge stuff

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:52 PM

matt damons the best one

TypomutedYesterday at 4:52 PM

matt damon on a horse
on mars
an statue of him(edited)

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:52 PM

sonny and cher

TypomutedYesterday at 4:53 PM

on marz on an a horse.
are we clear?

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:53 PM

mars bars couldnt cage me

TypomutedYesterday at 4:55 PM

mars of slough www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSkCy1… you’ve really done it now.
big finish
Error occured

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 4:59 PM

toms in
the big homophobe

TypomutedYesterday at 5:00 PM

tom @ xmas
Mormons From Norway
live for many years in Utah
longer than in Norway.
big announcement

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:03 PM

4 foot one

TypomutedYesterday at 5:03 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:03 PM

the graduate

TypomutedYesterday at 5:03 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:03 PM


TypomutedYesterday at 5:03 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:04 PM


TypomutedYesterday at 5:04 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:04 PM

toms got a scooop

TypomutedYesterday at 5:04 PM

bent goalies?

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:05 PM

agents of pull up

TypomutedYesterday at 5:05 PM

does it invole Eric Burdon

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:06 PM

they will come

TypomutedYesterday at 5:06 PM

I’ve heard something

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:06 PM

i seeshed people

TypomutedYesterday at 5:06 PM

but i don’t think i t’s fair game ‘ min
Phil banks
is cooler than custard
top heavy though

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:10 PM

TypomutedYesterday at 5:10 PM

euro coup
the pass word is incorrect
i know.
the password is incorrect
please re-enter your password

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:11 PM

saltyfrank ==007

TypomutedYesterday at 5:12 PM

your password is incorrect you have I more attempt

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:13 PM

lie me to the moon

TypomutedYesterday at 5:13 PM

my new password

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:14 PM

TypomutedYesterday at 5:14 PM

i like a tune
3 a day
each poster
noel coward

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:16 PM

glen close

TypomutedYesterday at 5:19 PM

i have paper clips and tipex

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:22 PM

are you able

TypomutedYesterday at 5:23 PM

i was going to say hello and do a sound check
but then i tried to unmute

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:24 PM


TypomutedYesterday at 5:24 PM


napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:24 PM


TypomutedYesterday at 5:24 PM

will be appropriate

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:25 PM

The globus cruciger (Latin for “cross-bearing orb”), also known as the orb and cross, is an orb (Latin: globus) surmounted (Latin: gerere, to wear) by a cross (Latin: crux). It has been a Christian symbol of authority since the Middle Ages, used …


zal is this real
oswald was patsy

TypomutedYesterday at 5:52 PM

i went to get ear buds.

napoleon wilsonYesterday at 5:52 PM

tell me when

TypomutedYesterday at 5:52 PM

trust me alittle

TypomutedYesterday at 6:00 PM

copper bottomed investments and enough of this idealism
+2 9lb brass chasers
nebulae denial

NotSoFreeMasonYesterday at 6:22 PM

Granny hittin the “gravity bong”



TypomutedYesterday at 6:22 PM

martinis are not as popular as they once were
amongst the Diplomatic core,(edited)
but they are not as diplomatic as they once were.

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 6:25 PM

could be esoteric, can’t talk about goverment or empire wihtout touching the occult

TypomutedYesterday at 6:25 PM

campari is not a martini
festive boards

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 6:29 PM

Freemasons historically celebrate two feasts of Saint John. The feast of John the Baptist falls on 24 June, and that of John the Evangelist on 27 December, roughly marking mid-summer and mid-winter. During the Eighteenth Century, the Premier Gran…

Phil BlanksYesterday at 6:33 PM

@JRAdams857 search “natural human drive toward”: socially cohesive behavior, self-preservation, completion, freedom, independence and growth, cognitive bias, coherence and a perpetually open social universe

TypomutedYesterday at 6:37 PM

@ this time of year

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 6:37 PM

CONCERNING THE RED LION. Afterwards take the lion in the pelican which also is found [at] first, when you see its tincture, that is to say, the element of fire which stands above the water, the air, and the earth. Separate it from its deposit by trituration. Thus you will have the true aurum potabile3. Sweeten this with the alcohol of wine poured over it, and then distil in an alembic until you perceive no acidity to remain in the Aqua Regia. This Oil of the Sun, enclosed in a retort hermetically sealed, you must place for elevation that it may be exalted and doubled in its degree. Then put the vessel, still closely shut, in a cool place. Thus it will not be dissolved, but coagulated. Place it again for elevation and coagulation, and repeat this three times. Thus will be produced the Tincture of the Sun, perfect in its degree. Keep this in its own place.

TypomutedYesterday at 6:38 PM

In Greek mythology, a little owl (Athene noctua) traditionally represents or accompanies Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, or Minerva, her syncretic incarnation in Roman mythology. Because of such association, the bird — often referred to a…

minerva too.

NotSoFreeMasonYesterday at 6:41 PM

Nice ashtray

misomYesterday at 6:41 PM


TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 6:41 PM

“Millionaires don’t need astrologers, billionaires do”- JP Morgan. You know those Apple product launch events that always seem to be so randomly timed? Those dates are chosen by Astrologers. Mansa Musa I of Mali is the richest

TypomutedYesterday at 6:45 PM

hop scotch anyone(edited)

GaiaYesterday at 6:46 PM

Many are called, some are chosen?

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 6:47 PM

Matthew 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen.
the bible is our book
the secret is in plain sight

TypomutedYesterday at 6:47 PM

Lucas Demetrios Papademos (Greek: ?????? ?????????; born 11 October 1947) is a Greek economist who served as Prime Minister of Greece from November 2011 to May 2012, leading a provisional government in the wake of the Greek debt cr…

23 skidoo
nice badge

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:08 PM

TypomutedYesterday at 7:21 PM

with extra salt

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:21 PM

Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior secret society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. It is the oldest senior class landed society. The society’s alumni organization, the Russell Trust Association, owns the society’s real estate…

William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft co-founded “the Order of the Scull
And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”
Genesis 3:22

TypomutedYesterday at 7:27 PM

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:27 PM


misomYesterday at 7:31 PM

“To be one ask one” – advertisement

TypomutedYesterday at 7:32 PM

let him put that in his paper if he is in need of news

misomYesterday at 7:34 PM

TypomutedYesterday at 7:37 PM

smokes with fork tounge
New Jersey lodge must have some past masters of note.
?Anyone we’ve heard of?(edited)

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:39 PM

TypomutedYesterday at 7:39 PM

never heard of Him

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:41 PM


TypomutedYesterday at 7:41 PM

a special dispentation

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:41 PM

whats up?

TypomutedYesterday at 7:42 PM

extraordinary circumstance.
no jlb.

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 7:45 PM

who are you talking about typomuted?

TypomutedYesterday at 7:58 PM

sorry G8d is dead.
long live etc.

TypomutedYesterday at 8:02 PM

begin the beguine

TypomutedYesterday at 8:22 PM

Stan:thumbsup: .
other configurations of fingers and thumb are avaiable.

TheRedLion (S.*.I.*.)Yesterday at 8:37 PM

In mathematics, E8 is any of several closely related exceptional simple Lie groups, linear algebraic groups or Lie algebras of dimension 248; the same notation is used for the corresponding root lattice, which has rank 8. The designation E8 comes…



NotSoFreeMasonYesterday at 9:42 PM

TWA Flight 355 was a domestic Trans World Airlines flight which was hijacked on September 10, 1976 by five “Fighters for Free Croatia”, a group seeking Croatian independence from Yugoslavia. The incident occurred on the same day as the Zagreb mid…




After the 9/11 terror attacks, a Suffolk Community College teacher had a special assignment for her students: Write about where they were and what they were doing that day. She penned her own Sept.…

Kathleen Murray Moran’s husband had been killed by plane-hijacking terrorists in the New York City on Sept. 11 — but in 1976, exactly 25 years before the Twin Towers attacks. Murray Moran’s husband, Brian Murray, was killed defusing a bomb that had been planted at Grand Central Terminal by a group of Croatian nationalists before they hijacked a TWA jet.
The cameras didn’t show Murray and his unit bringing the bomb back to the department range at Rodman’s Neck in The Bronx, where three officers — including her husband — began defusing it. It exploded shortly before 1 a.m. on Sept. 11. Murray Moran became morbidly obsessed with wanting to know exactly how her husband died. “Brian removed the bomb from a locker and brought it the range. Then what?” she recalled thinking. “The implications of his next steps settled in my stomach like acid. Did he cross wires? Was it his fault?”
At his funeral, his body was kept in a closed casket, at the urging of those around her. Bomb squad members put the explosive device on truck in front of Grand Central on September 11, 1976. “ ‘Not suitable for viewing. Not suitable for viewing.’ The words echoed dully in my head as I stood staring at the coffin,” she writes. She said that as she stood alongside her husband’s comrades, “We were all thinking the same thing: Why did this happen?” The NYPD refused to answer some of her persistent questions — and then stopped taking her calls, she said. “It was a different time. They hid their problems, and they didn’t want me to know the ugly truth. I was a victim of that time where they hid their dirty little secrets,” she said. She decided to sue the city for answers. At a wrongful-death trial, Murray Moran learned her husband had been killed by a piece of the bomb that sliced his neck. But she lost her lawsuit to learn why the bomb had detonated.(edited)
But she notes that remaining honest was how she managed to tackle the part of the memoir that dealt with her controversial friendship with the woman whose husband was the mastermind of the hijacking. Julie and Zvonko Busic were among the group of five terrorists fighting for the independence for Croatia, a republic of what was then Yugoslavia. After Zvonko planted the bomb at Grand Central, he, his wife and the three others hijacked the New York-to-Chicago flight. They were caught after landing in Paris. Murray Moran ended up corresponding with Julie Busic for three years, writing to the convict both before and after she was paroled from prison in 1989. The two women shared 50 letters between them, Murray Moran said. LMurray Moran admitted being attracted not only by the Oregon-born Busic’s blond looks but also by her strange story. “I knew it made no sense, but my appetite for Julie’s letters and their intensity felt almost sexual in nature,” Murray Moran revealed in her memoir. “She wrote like a lover, crawling back to me, and sometimes I found I had memorized lines of her letters without meaning to.” Against her better judgment, Murray Moran said, she wrote a letter to the parole board to help get Julie released. Julie Busic had told her she was divorcing Zvonko and wanted to start a fresh life.

GaiaYesterday at 10:08 PM

@NotSoFreeMason such a great find, please include some of the main points (bulleted) at the Fakeopedia. I can put the frame in there, to just fill the points, that’s cool. Ab also likes it
and the good thing is, what we talked about before; it reduces clicks to the mainstream sites; have our own area, not promoting the same sites we fight
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