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We had a major murder trial just end in Toronto. I didn’t bother covering this now 5 year old case because it was laden with really over the top fakery. Canadian psyOps are really poor cousins to their American counterparts.

Here we have what I’m guessing is the final media sideshow on this poorly done hoax trial.

If these two really lost a child then perhaps they should ease off on the silly jokes, show a few tears, and stop smiling. Clearly crisis actors.

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FAC403 Show Notes

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Phil BlanksYesterday at 7:07 PM

while we in the western, or even eastern world too, rocket towards transcendence, deleltetheeleite mentions that in the south of sweden an interesting man recently started an intentional community among a long list of them. to do that takes resources to do, like everything. in terms of space, 1% of the planet is citiy space, and mud, dirt, bamboo etc are great building materials. and in terms of our moon key communications tools, electronics are getting cheaper and cheaper with scaled up manufacturing plants which also makes lots of other tools cheaper as well. and to me, this seems both compatibe and not with our guided progress, especially in terms of shirking one set of rules for another for example with medical tools and research.. I see how ya might call it longing for a lost or even never had community, and I guess with respect to sacrifice, even the freemasons, probably 99% of them, lament that loss or long for their own familiar communal world.

Roch3lloYesterday at 7:41 PM

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FAC403-Paranoid due to birth defect

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Velocet shares a show on conspiracy paranoids.

With Napoleon, Phil Blanks, John Adams, deletetheelite, Conkers, Rochello, Justsayindude, Withoutatrace

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