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We had a major murder trial just end in Toronto. I didn’t bother covering this now 5 year old case because it was laden with really over the top fakery. Canadian are really poor cousins to their American counterparts.

Here we have what I’m guessing is the final media sideshow on this poorly done hoax trial.

If these two really lost a child then perhaps they should ease off on the silly jokes, show a few tears, and stop smiling. Clearly crisis actors.

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1 thought on “Babcockery

  1. xileffilex

    No wonder the legal team is smiling, every publicly funded psy-op with a lengthy publicly funded trial is a big pay day each time. Years ago these lawyer types would have gone into colonial service, perhaps the ministry, now they’re all heading straight for the law, where their pay checks are in no danger of drying up from staged trials.


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