Dose 9/11 audio update

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I still don’t know why Hoi I doesn’t like Brian but here’s his latest audio update.…

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2 thoughts on “Dose 9/11 audio update

  1. xileffilex

    Really good point made by Brian around 2:09:50 – all those people capturing “planes” flying at 400mph overhead in a high rise city, but nobody seemed to produce any images of the missing 47,000 [50K-3K “dead”] employees in the WTC1/2 running out of danger, no images from the TV stations’ helicopters either…. and the images of crowds which the media did produce were from bridges as the whole of Manhattan was being cleared. “Nobody was exiting the World Trade Centre” . Spot on.
    The same absence of “escapees” was evident in the London UK 2017 Grenfell Tower psy-op. 223 people are said to have fled their beds in the middle of the night and lived to tell the tale [only a few actually did for official narrative purposes and how shaky they were!] yet 16 years after 9/11, when every man child and dog has a cellphone with a camera, there were no pictures anywhere of people escaping in the pajamas. As with 9/11, the building was emptied some unknown period of time before it was set ablaze. Yet we have to believe 70 people died….


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