FAC406-Merry Xmas!

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With Tom Dalpra, Napoleon Wilson, Tryptomine, John Adams, Delcroix, John le Bon, Kham, Rochello, Misom

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10 thoughts on “FAC406-Merry Xmas!

  1. UNreal

    A long segment of this Audiochat was spent to ridicule John Le Bon in his absence. JLB for sure is a controversial figure but probably not deserving of a one-way group effort such as demonstrated by Kham, Rochelle & John Adams.

    The prize from the AC “bashing” segment seems to go to J. Adams who was able to flatter himself with being so respectful of everyone while making not so veiled puns on JLB, even qualifying him as a ‘dick’ to cite him directly (excuse my french).

    1. John le Bon

      I wasn’t aware that this is what transpired in my absence. Thanks for the heads-up.

      A Christmas special dedicated to saying nasty things about somebody not there to defend himself (when said person had been there earlier in the show, but the nastiness was not forthcoming until he left)?

      Well, sometimes the value of a conversation is in the meta elements of what is going on. Sounds like these guys have delivered a classic example of just such a conversation.

      Naturally I won’t judge the call until I have listened for myself, which I now plan to do. If there is one thing I like listening to more than a Fakeologist Audiochat, it is a Fakeologist Audiochat dedicated to talking about yours truly.


        1. smj

          gustave’s namesake was sniping at john adams in the discord. i can only say its takes alot to get john adams to say you’re a dick. there’s a reason people think john le bon is a dick and it ain’t his incredible g factor. did you ever get around to google monstering spearman’s g yet, bitch?

    1. John le Bon

      I see that the festive season brings out the best in you, SMJ.

      Merry festive season to you and yours.

      And a merry festive season to all fakeologists all around our beautiful, stationary ball-modelled earth.


        1. gaia

          I disagree with all (smj, Justsayindude and Jon le Bon) on certain topics. That doesn’t mean to discard your research.

          If “Christmas” is anything, it is doing that; acknowledging we’re all in the same game, just with different skills and preferences. No need to get frustrated about those differences.

          Just let the divide et impera narrative not work.

          1. smj

            you’re the one threatening to ban long-time contributors from someone else’s site. that’s a bitch move in my book. there ain’t nothing tough about calling shit like that out.

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