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As I was watching some random docs on this channel, I was surprised to stumble upon the epic video we all were transformed by.

Needless to say, the comments have trolled the video into the ground.

Source: September Clues – Top Documentary Films

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2 thoughts on “September Clues – Top Documentary Films

  1. ricky

    You’re so right Ab, what chance of a fair shake does the video have with anyone who previews the comments? This ongoing “stage management” is proof positive 911 is one of those stunts that require ongoing media attention. When you think about it from a “Fakeologist” perspective, this is just a small wrinkle in the medias fabric of the cloak of fantasy that has been covering the western world for who knows when? When thinking of how comprehensive this control must be, it becomes a bit depressing. I was thinking of even a second level of thought management in the “Star Wars” films showing the dinosaur like “Imperial Walkers” wrecking havoc, evoking the “real thing.” With respect to gaia, whom I think is a great contributor and sincere, I believe any story that requires ongoing “media management” probably renders it fraudulent.

  2. gaia

    Timmy Suckmeister
    You have got to be kidding me! Do [you, sic] even know how insulting this video is to the people who have lost unicorns in the 911 unicorn event??? I guess the mourners are all just paid unicorns and unicornesses??? Whoever made this erroneous made-for-TV movie is ******* “traitorous” SCUM!

    So right, Timmy, so right.


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