Hydrazene nooklear tales

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So wonderful knowing that a bonehead dropping a wrench cannot end the world, but it sure can set off one hell of an . Of course, this entire story maybe fiction, but it nevertheless is fairly dramatic.

Even the best laid plans can go catastrophically wrong when humans get involved. This week, people bungle simple operations on some of the most dangerous weapons in the world.

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  1. khammad

    Nuclear Warhead Missiles In North Korea: A Country with an Economy of Afghanistan, but without the Income from Poppies and Opium

    This audio from This American Life highlights some very important things about having an aging Nuclear Warhead Missile program.

    What are the continued needs and expenses of Nuclear Warhead Missiles and having a nuclear warhead program? Can North Korea really afford such a program and the incredible and rising cost of the continued upkeep of a dilapidated and aging nuclear warhead program which include the continued training of personnel, the continued purchasing needs and replacements needs of fuel, parts and labor?

    Or is North Koreas Nuclear Warhead Missile program all a farce, a ruse set up by the wests Industrial Military network to make fake enemies to battle?

    What are the needs of a Nuclear Warhead Missile program? Nuclear war head missiles are said to be high tech complicated machines that need to be cleaned and taken care of and monitored by tons of people day and night, all the time.

    Nuclear warhead missiles are dark, black machines with incredibly volatile liquid fuel with volatile oxidizer. The oxidizer alone could ignite spontaneously if touched by other substances such as leather, paper, cloth, and wood. The fuel could ignite if it touched by rust, or even if it didn’t touch anything. If there were enough fumes and you waved your hands too fast it could explode. Workers have greater fear of the fuels than warhead itself. In the United States the Air Force has Propellant Transfer Systems teams have to be trained precisely and use extreme caution and great precision on a daily basis. PTS teams for short.

    Fuel in the missiles continually evaporates so one never ending job was refill the missiles. This entails taking off the dust cap to fuel tank, pumping in more liquid on the hydraulic platform of the aging missiles. Materials are outdated, dilapidated, deformed, valves leak, pumps fail, rubber gadgets age and shrink, there are a lot of things that go wrong with the missile silo. So there are more tasks to do with less people, hustling from one missile to another to patch them up working 12 to 14 hour days. And all this is what American have to put up with. What about North Koreans?

    There are detailed checklists to follow. The American Air Force had it all detailed out in long check lists on a daily basis. What about North Korea? Are they spending the same meticulous attention to detail? A simple dropped wrench from a platform up above could open up a hole in the side of the missile and make a leak and unpressurized the missile tank. A war head missile could then collapse under its own weight if the pressurized sides of rocket tanks were emptied.

    Lots of human errors can occur besides dropped tools. Other hazards are whether people can hack in to warhead, low morale produces shoddy work, and aging facilities and technologies produce a host of problems of their own.

    The United States has estimated that North Korea has about 60 Nuclear Warhead Missiles in its arsenal and yet, miraculously and there appear to be no mishaps at all with the North Korean nuclear missile program. Hmmm, North Korea has a better functioning program than the United States?

    North Korea has about 1/100th of the international traffic and trade coming in and out of the country, compared to its neighboring countries, has little or no University system to train new personnel, and has an economy worse than Afghanistan. Are we expected to believe China or Russia, two countries with struggling economies are footing the bill and providing the training and personnel for a Nuclear Warhead Missile program in North Korea?

    Or is the simplest explanation that it’s all a farce and governments along with complicit media organizations, corporate global war interests and stakeholders help prop up the farce for their own benefit. Could it be that you and I and the rest of the world are continuing to be terrorized by a fake nuclear warhead missile program in North Korea?

    Very enlightening audio, thanks Ab for pointing this out.

    1. ab Post author

      I like listening to professional podcasts – with their long list of producers – just to see what one can aspire to. It’s also audio propaganda at a level we expect from TV and newspapers. That said, I don’t doubt that every single teenager that’s busy guarding these silos of volatile fuel believes that the magic black box on top of the volatile fuel mixture is capable of destroying the planet. The audio revealed a comedy of errors that culminated in the crew breaking back into their own complex via the 1 ton front door, instead of crawling back through the emergency hole they just crawled out of. It’s almost so silly it must be fiction, but alas, I think it probably did happen like this.

      I’ll be going over this American Life podcasts over this new year and digging up scare stories that can be listened to with a tin ear-knowing that this audio fear propaganda is innocuous once you’re aware of fakeology.

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