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  1. UNreal

    Zachary K. Hubbard’s delivery is quite poor and close to condescending. Z’s intonation on pronouncing “truuth seeker” is so overly emphasised one could be led to believe it is the equivalent to “sheeple” in his own opinion.

    Nevertheless, the September Clues Documentary still is one of the best videos to illustrate how the media was the major part of the two tower trick that was perpetrated that day.

    As time has gone by there are however many important aspects that are not included in the September Clues documentary and Hubbard might have deliberately chosen a pretty misleading part where missiles were thought to have been part of the trick – which unfortunately can be understood as if there was some live action on TV that day.

    Just as Copperfield effectively fooled his audience when making the statue of Liberty disappear by altering the audience’s point of view, so was the 9/11 carefully staged as an advanced magic trick. The main feat here of course was to make believe the towers were occupied for 30 years and built to withstand plane impacts – which they weren’t. It seems as important to understand this critical stagecraft aspect to the WTC demolition as much the fake media imagery as it both explains why there could be no victims as well as how the Elite were able to bring the buildings down so effectively.

    When it comes to the WTC “nose-out” explosion, it is generally thought that this must be CGI or image manipulation. This would of course be the best explanation if we were watching footage of a real building. But if we instead were shown a carefully managed scene of a carefully scaled model explosion, it would be more probable the plane was indeed more solid than a cardboard tower and that the footage is not fake or digitally altered but just represent unrealistic images of a “model” reality – just like the 1937 Hindenburg Disaster.

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