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  1. ricky

    @Terran, thanks for the feedback. I was just thinking out loud when l spoke of this person I’ve known for more than thirty years. My larger point was the elite and “fakeologists” engage in self censorship to flow in the broader society, although for opposite reasons. “Fakeologists” have the luxury to “stir the pot” in the right circumstances. It appears “insiders” cannot ever be their true selves in any social setting other than in the presence of other “insiders.” It makes me wonder how sincere this person ever really was, and what type of deals he’s made. That level of betrayal is almost unthinkable, but I guess it gives a window into how a sociopath might operate.

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  3. Tom Dalpra

    With his slick video production and voiceover, this Polarization Nation guy instantly reminded me of notorious arch-obfuscator Dallas Goldbug. When the next video I looked at had a face comparison of JFK and Jimmy Carter I figured it might as well be Dallas Goldbug. I’m certainly not swallowing this stuff whole.

    Terran’s Muppet excursion is interesting. Iconic puppets? (TICK !)
    1966 Dissolving kennedy head when talking about great inventions ? (TICK!)
    A bunch of Muppets ? (TICK)

    The idea of Henson being the puppeteer for Kennedy’s Assassination ‘film’ is, on the face of it, laughable. Wellll maaaybe ?Hey, I always thought the idea that Kubrick ‘did the Moon landings’ was a bit ‘obvious’ but it’s come to make some sense to me.

    Whoever exactly filmed it or whatever exactly went on, they were definitely puppet shows of some sort, that’s for sure.
    Nice LIFE cover. The Iconic puppeteer and the enduring puppet clan.
    Possible to see it as a cross reference ”Rose” Kennedy. Maybe he did help ( you know, work the arms on the prototype muppet in the Zapruder film??? ).
    Or, maybe it’s just a classic cash-in on a very fond icon passing, to reference a 100 year old, no less, Kennedy still very much alive ?

    1. Terran Downvale

      Thanks, Tom. Yes, that LIFE cover can definitely be taken as a tell, with Kermit sitting in the the director’s chair! And while I appreciate the video, I do get the same creeping feeling about “Polarization Nation.” In fact, I’m wondering if this video being released at this time is no coincidence. A video that makes an intriguing suggestion about the Zapruder film being staged with the possible use of a prop body without really explaining it very well in a way that almost seems intentional. And with a focus on humor that renders it dismissible to the casual viewer.

      And here’s another strange “coincidence” that makes me wonder if this is part of some kind of coordinated disclosure. I wrote the two replies about Henson’s death in response to tokarski’s comment below on the evening of January 9th just before going to bed. On January 11th, this story that appears to have been published on the 10th (the day after my comments) showed up on the Yahoo homepage:


      From the article:

      Within two days, Baughman’s health took a turn for the worse. He was running a fever on and off. On Wednesday, he went to a Westmoreland County emergency room, then was flown to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh where he died not even 24 hours later.

      His mother said it was from complications from the flu. According to his family, he did not get a flu shot.

      Organ failure due to septic shock caused by influenza,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real.”

      From Henson’s bio:

      During the production of his 1990 projects, Henson traveled continuously. By late Spring, Henson began to experience recurring flu-like symptoms

      Following twenty hours in intensive care at New York Hospital, Henson died at 1:21 a.m. on May 16; he was 53 years old.

      At the time of Henson’s death, doctor David Gelmont first announced that he died from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that causes bacterial pneumonia. However, on May 29, Gelmont later confirmed that Henson’s cause of death was organ failure resulting from streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (caused by Streptococcus pyogenes).

      And I think I may have found a Henson connection hidden in “Kyler Baughman’s” Instagram. From last February:


      An “Idea Man” with colored circles around him. Seem familiar? From Henson’s 1966 film The Idea Man that I discussed in my post:


      Also, if you do a Google News search for Jim Henson, this story comes up from December 21st (18 days before PN’s video):


      From the Dallas Observer, a story about the Jim Henson Co. making the puppets for a film project by a production company headed by a man named Dallas Sonnier. Dallas… Dealey Plaza? The company’s name is Cinestate which makes me think of cinema created by “the state.” The article mentions another one of Cinestate’s projects entitled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.

      Another article about Cinestate from a week earlier shows a “corpse prop”:


      If this is all just a coincidence, then we are definitely living in a magically synchronistic universe! So either that should be the “top news story” of the day OR that the “cine-state” is making propaganda films and presenting them as reality (while dropping in little hints for those with eyes to see).

      There’s actually something else about the news report on Baughman’s death that could be a Muppet reference but I risk coming off like an insensitive psychopath if this tragic story really is true. I’ll just say to look at the mother’s physical appearance and listen to the father’s voice. Remind you of any famous couple you’ve seen and heard before?

  4. ricky

    This is a great thread, I’ll ad my kudos to Terrans’ research. The flippant attitude in the Zapruder vid was a bit off putting for me as well. One sub-layer in the complicity of different elements of the media along with the level of planning and sophistication involved suggests there is a literal army of contributors in on the “joke.” It also becomes obvious there are more people in on the “jokes” than we may realize, you might even know some. And at some point the “compartmentalization” explanation seems flimsy. I know an asst. director, he and his wife are close friends with my cousin, I’ve known them for thirty years. He works with George Lucas at his firm, this dude is big-time, he has an Oscar and has worked with all the biggest directors and stars. I’ve spoken to him in social settings many times over all these years, all prior to putting on my “fakeology” glasses. He comes across as an interesting ,intelligent and fun person. For sure, now I understand he is an “insider” and has been living a double life, not unlike “fakeologists” only for different reasons! I found that very ironic, the elite and “fakeologists” ending up in the same boat!

    1. xileffilex

      but…but…I can’t imagine this asst director blurting out at a party with normies something along the lines “but you know Kennedy wasn’t really killed in Dallas” and the whole room going quiet.
      We might lead double lives as fakeologists but occasionally we stir things up with consequences you can imagine…”are you crazy?”” “do you think the moon landings were fake?” [ silence turns into laughter] I think we’ve all been there.

      1. Terran Downvale

        xileffilex, your name just reminded me of The X-Files. Has anyone been watching the latest season that just started and the previous reboot last year? It seems they have incorporated fakery into their portrayal of the secret world of conspiracies and are taking that theme to the utmost extreme with their most recent plot twist.

        Here’s a quote by the Cigarette Smoking Man from this season’s pilot with what could be an “ominous” message to fakeologists…

        :::::::::SPOILER ALERT:::::::::::

        My plans are airtight. And even if they were to get out, they would be dismissed as so much fake news. That’s the world we live in, Monica. Every day a new disaster, when the one thing no one is prepared for will wipe the slate clean. We refuse to imagine our impending extinction, the acceleration of the cataclysms. We’ve thrown science out the window in favor of scandal and opinion and cant and all manner of ridiculous untruths. Civilization a joke, and my plan merely the punch line.

    2. Terran Downvale

      Thanks for the insights, Ricky. As outsiders, there is really no way for us to know how people in these circles function, how much they know at different levels, etc. I would imagine that anyone high up enough in the industry would be so focused on their career and being part of “the club” they would be willing to stay quiet if it meant maintaining their position, especially when the secrets involve “make believe” and suspending the audience’s disbelief which is precisely the passion that led them to the field of movie-making in the first place! Filmmakers love absorbing their audiences in the dramas they create. It’s what they do. So they would have deeply personal reasons for not wanting to destroy the illusion playing out on the “world stage” in addition to getting to be part of that elite crew working behind the scenes of our reality.

  5. Terran Downvale

    Hey, guys. Just letting you know I added my comment below as a post on my blog with screen shots of the key images and some additional info including the puppet-referencing “Lambchop debate” that was curiously injected into the official JFK conspiracy meme and a possible “future idea” hint at 9/11:


    1. tokarski

      Terrance – if you have time, take a look at the Henson death … I just glanced and found spook markers all over, including is cessation of breathing at 4:58 (9 (3*3)) and 8. It could well be legitimate, but it is more common to list a time of death and not the time of putting a person on a ventilator. The whole specter of his death seems hinky, as if he was simply taken out by a bacterial infection. Generally that sort of thing is going to be accompanied by other symptoms, as our immune systems normally keep bacteria in line. If a bacteria has taken hold, it is going to manifest in many ways. Henson just started coughing blood, announced he thought he was dying … unusual death.

      I think you are on to something, another spook, one prominently placed to deal with kids. Just as Hugh Hefner was placed where he had sudden success in order to mainstream pornography, perhaps Henson was given fame to exert influence over kids and take them down proper roads.

      1. Terran Downvale

        Well, I suppose some may be legit but I think it’s perfectly reasonable to suspect shenanigans when it comes to the “untimely death” of any celebrity. What I look for is usually a little inside joke or pun, especially if the celebrity was involved in comedy. Looking at Henson’s death, I think I may have found it.

        Arguably, one of Henson’s most memorable creations is this famous number from the beginning of the premiere episode of The Muppet Show:

        Listen to the song and then go to Google, type in “What killed Jim Henson?” and before you press return, sing the question in the same tune those twin pink Muppets did when they sang “Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.”

        Now press return. What do you see in big letters? LOL

        Now go back and listen to what Kermit says at the beginning of that clip (“Whatever that means”) and watch how the number closes. Just as the Muppet goes out the EXIT door, he gives one last “Mahna-Mahna.” But wait, he’s not done yet. The final punchline is the phone call “from beyond the grave.”

        Yes, according to Wiki, he technically died of toxic shock syndrome. But if you ask anyone the question “What killed Jim Henson?” if they have an answer, it will invariably be “PNEUMONIA.” Sing the question and you might get a laugh. Yes, it’s a dark joke but that seemed to be Henson’s style.

        1. Terran Downvale

          Sorry, that was just an overly complicated way of pointing out that “Pneumonia” sounds a lot like “Mahna-Mahna” which is an utterance that is practically synonymous with Henson himself. Now, as always, I have no way of knowing if I’m right about this “joke” but if Henson really did create a “puppet show” that came to be known as the “Zapruder film,” this is yet another example that shows the often times dark & twisted HUMOR that underlies just about everything the “elite controllers” present to us as reality.

          JLB, if you’re out there, I’m watching your most recent video and I’m really coming around to the same conclusion you are. This idea of the controllers being simply “evil” seems very shortsighted and even suspiciously like a TRAP. A mental trap that we are being challenged to overcome. The entirety of this reality increasingly seems like a big MIND GAME to me the more I look at it, in all its facets. Could this even be a GAME that WE ultimately created? And could that account for the “synchronicities” many of us experience and that seem to increase the more “aware of the game” we become?

          I also like the old guys in the balcony at the end of the Muppets sketch. They represent the “audience.” Those of us watching the show who are not “in on the joke.” One says “The question is… what is a Mahna-Mahna?” And the other replies “The question is… WHO CARES?”

          The answer: I DO!

          Oh, and just wanted to add another thing. In the first episode where Henson appeared on The Mike Douglas Show, he demonstrates a human Muppet where the facial features can be swapped and rearranged to become different characters, all of which the puppet master controls with his movements and voice. I have to wonder if this may have also been some kind of “revelation” about the nature of our fabricated reality and the characters in it. Here’s the episode:

          They call these adaptable characters “Anything Muppets.” Remind you of anything we see in the realm of fakeology?


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  7. Terran Downvale

    Very interesting, although I wish PN had been less concerned about being funny and made more of an effort to actually show how he thinks this dummy worked. And for the record, I believe controversial YouTuber Dave Johnson may have suggested Zapruder’s JFK was a dummy first.

    I think I can see the sticks controlling the arms but it’s really difficult to tell. The Zapruder film quality is so poor, there could have been any number of editing points, especially during the blurry pan as the car passed behind the sign right before JFK appeared to raise his hands to his throat. The idea of sticks controlling the arms immediately made me think of the “hand-rod” Muppets Jim Henson developed (see photo at the bottom of this comment):


    This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Puppet President!” I went back and looked into Jim Henson and see some indications he may have been directly involved in the making of the Zapruder film. Warning: LONG comment ahead!

    First, according to the timeline in his Wiki bio, Henson was working on getting his newly-formed company Muppets Inc. off the ground around the time of the assassination, “working in commercials, talk shows, and children’s projects before being able to realize his dream of the Muppets as “entertainment for everybody.” And then three years after the assassination on September 11, 1966, Henson appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in his first prime time national television broadcast that “greatly increased exposure, which led to hundreds of commercial appearances by Henson characters throughout the sixties.”

    A couple months before his big break on Ed Sullivan, Henson and his Muppets co-hosted the daily afternoon program The Mike Douglas Show for a week. On the July 20 appearance, Henson performed _Idea Man_ which consisted of a short film projected behind a live puppet act. Well, the specter of JFK actually makes an appearance in the film in a very suggestive way! Here’s the film by itself without the puppet. I’ll be focusing on the section between 1:49-1:52 where some important feeting images appear (including JFK’s head):


    It will be best to download this video so you can watch it frame-by-frame. First, at 1:12 the “Idea Man” talks about how “many of the good ideas have already been taken,” including “television” and “atomic energy” and “lots more, too” where at 1:45 we see a quick stream of images pop up on the screen for fractions of a second at a time. At 1:49, we see a car roll by with a film camera below it (JFK’s motorcade filmed by Zapruder?). This is followed by a puppet shown in profile with a gun pointing at it. That particular puppet is named Kukla from the show Kukla, Fran and Ollie which was apparently a huge influence on Henson’s work. “Kukla” literally means “puppet” or “doll” in several languages. So we see Kukla in profile with a gun point at him and then a second later, we see JFK’s head in profile in the same spot on the screen with a large red dot in front of it (the bloody head-shot explosion?). If you watch it in slow-motion, you’ll see holes start to appear in JFK’s head making it sort of disintegrate and dissolve recalling what we saw happen to his head in the Zapruder film. The Muppet Wiki entry on _The Idea Man_ calls the dissolving of Kennedy’s head “an apparent reference to the real Kennedy’s fate.”

    We then see a motor boat speeding away (similar to the motorcade limo?) followed by a rear shot of a woman in a bikini who you could argue looks similar to Jackie Kennedy holding a pink ball/dot under her arm. Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent famously seen jumping on the back of JFK’s car in the Zapruder film has stated that when we see Jackie crawling out of the vehicle onto the back of the car, she was “reaching for a piece of the President’s skull which had been blown off.” So I wonder if this “pink dot” could be a reference to that. As for the bikini, it looks quite similar to this one seen worn by Jackie Onassis 11 years later.

    Now, if the film The Idea Man had been made before the JFK assassination, it would definitely be massively incriminating. But it was apparently made 3 years later in 1966, so one could reasonably argue that the section I pointed out may have been a “tribute” to JFK and his “tragic death.” But still, I have to wonder if this was in some kind a hint/admission of Henson’s involvement in the violent “puppet show” we saw in the Zapruder film. These images go by so fast, its easy to miss them, let alone assess their possible symbolic meaning. At the time it was shown on the _Mike Douglas Show,_ viewers had no way of pausing the broadcast and looking at it frame-by-frame. In addition, the appearance of JFK’s head in the version shown on that program is even more difficult to see and perhaps that was intentional? Here’s that episode for comparison (the film is shown at 5:25):


    At the beginning of the segment following the performance, they reveal how the floating face puppet was controlled with Henson and his team crouching below the screen working the machinations:


    Although this particular puppet is different from the “hand-rod” type, this could also be a hint/admission as to how the “JFK puppet” was similarly controlled. If you grew up watching _The Muppet Show_, you will remember that comical violence was often used, sometimes in a way that would be quite disturbing to the young audience (I personally remember being scared by it a number of times). It seems like the Zapuder film would be something straight up Henson’s alley.

    Another interesting item of note, when Henson died in 1990, he was memorialized on the cover of LIFE magazine:


    Notice the name “Kennedy” also appears on the cover with “hand-rod” Muppet Kermit the Frog sitting in a director’s chair!

    And just to add another little bit (which may be more of a stretch), I found what may be a possible hidden meaning in the name “Zapruder.” I first noticed the word “prez” can be found in it. The remaining letters can be arranged to spell “daru.” So we have Prez daru. The word daru refers to the wood taken from sacred Neem trees for the Hindu Nabakalebara celebration in which involves “a symbolic recreation of wooden forms of the four deities at Jagannath Temple, Puri.” Each deity is called a “daru” (e.g. Jagannath daru). So a “Prez daru” could be seen as a wooden idol (a moving one being a puppet) used in a sacred ritual ceremony (the mock assassination presented in the Zapruder=Prez daru film) which elevated him to the level of a deity! To take it one step further, could the name “Rose Kennedy” appearing on the LIFE cover memorializing Henson be a statement about how the Muppet director’s Zapruder film masterpiece “rose” Kennedy to that mythical god-like status?

    Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts on this. I’ll be re-posting it in an easier-to-read format on my own blog here:


  8. tokarski

    Real good work – the ears are way off – good lord as time goes on we discover one thing after another. Here we discover why Zapruder (as if) was stationed far back and allowed the sign to block the view for a brief while. They used that brief instant to replace the real JFK with a dummy.


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