FAC415 – Chris Kendall/Hoaxbusters updatae

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With John Adams

Gaia – Yesterday at 5:23 PM
Wellness Check: Status Update on Chris Kendall
Dear Listeners, Chris here.As many listeners of the Hoax Busters Call already know, this host has been diagnosed with 0;Bi-Polar…

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1 thought on “FAC415 – Chris Kendall/Hoaxbusters updatae

  1. xileffilex

    It’s a shame we lost Chris in the wake of JA’s unsatisfactory Annette Carrion “real death” explanation and subsequent brouhaha, since Chris really did seem the real deal.
    e.g.I was listening to this one, with rather an irritating interviewer who seems laden down with his ex-Mormon baggage and who doesn’t really have much to say [Ab did a chat with him, which was also a good exposition of Ab’s position] In fact. Not the lest irritating was the interviewer’s laugh which is very similar to that of Tim Kelly [who’s podcasts with John Adams and Chris Kendall were much more interesting than our ex- Mormon’s]

    Chris’s 2017 chats with Tim Kelly for reference


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