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  1. matti

    Hallo All. This got me thinking….
    Material proof is hard to find; all we have are stories. If proof of when something began, how long it went on and when it ended is necessarily of a material nature, don’t we eliminate all oral traditions as being invalid with this logical limit? The Native American Nations, the Australian Aborigines and all the others who weren’t quick enough to write down the date of their existence, countersigned by a certified Druid? ‘Oh, and buildings and ruins don’t count, you could have done them yesterday.’ It gets a little Pythonesque, doesn’t it: ‘Awfully sorry, old chap, you say you’ve been on this land for centuries but where’s you proof, eh? Where’s your flag, where’s your Pre-Powdered-Wig Document? It’s ours now. We wrote it down first… and anyway we’ve got guns”.
    I think this is not JBL’s intention; the idea is to disabuse us of the lies we believe in. When rigorous logic is applied, it is very useful in prying open stories, deconstructing them, and adding a twist and another level to the tale, but to learn of the brilliant analytical debunking, you first have to learn the original ‘false’ story. too. Stories are short hand for complex ideas; I just have to say ‘Oedipus’ and when you know the story that’s a large flash download. But it’s just a story, as JLB says.
    Well, aren’t we all just stories? When your dead what’s left? Hopefully, at least some of your life story, if only online and in the minds of your children. Maybe all we have are stories. Stories that we add to, start and end.
    So maybe everything is just Story… isn’t that what the native people of Australia have said since… well, at least when some white guy wrote it down in a book.

  2. gaia

    How great is it to see how JLB exactly confirms my observations (he called claims) about his behavioral traits: manipulative/deceiving (misrepresenting what I said, see below), detached from people (not even reading the full post), steering to himself (“his website”), lying (data? “you don’t have shit” [about my genealogy]), lack of self reflection (taking his own presented search for logic to himself; making fallacies about others) and avoiding the points I made in that discussion in the audiochat:
    you can do your own genealogical research, I don’t need to share my family history with you
    – ok, if you say it is not true, then what is your alternative explanation for those names -all insignificant people; farmers, butchers, maids, etc.- in my family history?

    I recommend listening to this chat, it is an excellent display of the observations (not “claims”) I made in this topic that even starts with a question, not claim or “accusation”:

    Is JLB a psychopath?

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