Return of the serial killer – a gay Santa type no less

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a trope in Toronto, this one is over-the-top filled with every hot button stereotype you can imagine.

All the usual 66/65yo(11) etc…

He looks kinda chubby for a landscaper – @SMJ comments?

Toronto landscaper Bruce McArthur, accused of being a serial killer, remains an enigma.FACEBOOK The subject matter is the very definition of benign.Puppy videos, cat videos, other funny animals, travel photos and recipes — lots of recipes.If suspected Bruce McArthur was hiding a dark, sinister secret, he was hiding it very well, indeed.Accused serial killer Bruce McArthur was a mall Santa Claus. FACEBOOKBut despite his appearance, at least one longtime neighbour in the Thorncliffe Park apartment building where the suspect has lived for the past 10 years took to social media to reveal how unnerving McArthur was.“Terrifying. Too Close. Way too close. Again. [Alleged] Gay serial killer Bruce McArthur lived in my building on Thorncliffe,” Mark Bernard Muise tweeted.

Source: Who is Bruce McArthur? ‘Super creepy man … you got bad vibes’ | Toronto Sun


Where, in an open society, is there room for private (fake) trials? They’re testing the public’s acceptance of publication bans, and clearly, no one cares or notices or gets a voice.

The Crown asked for a detention order, and for a publication ban, which was approved.…

Obligatory Niagara falls shot to prove this sim’s existence.

I always thought from the crime shows I used to watch that you couldn’t be charged with murder if no body was found. Clearly that’s not the case in this Sim trial.

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4 thoughts on “Return of the serial killer – a gay Santa type no less

  1. ricky

    Good work Gaia, it sure becomes comical when you drill down into these hoaxes. It’s not enough to just proclaim these stories are fake right off the bat. Who else but a “fakeologist” would provide backup evidence that this story is a hoax? By now most of us are predisposed to assume any mainstream stories are hoaxes, but it’s both helpful and flat-out funny to catalogue the nonsense!

  2. gaia

    – “McArthur was arrested Thursday morning at his home and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the mysterious disappearances of Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen who vanished off the streets of the village.”

    Drew an Kinsman and Seen le Sim, seriously?

    – “McArthur last posted on his Facebook page last March 11 from the Beautiful Birds social media page.”

    11-M Atocha & Fukushima day; 33…

    – “What is known — if his diminishing Facebook friends are any indication — is that the white-haired suspect had a penchant for younger, dark-haired men.
    There are at least 30 among his listed friends, most of them Middle Eastern or South Asian. Democracy in Iran appeared to be one of his causes.”

    Of course! How is that “known”, Toronto Sun, that he had “diminishing Facebook friends”? And the last phrase is perverse political programming.

    – “McArthur who used the email handle enthused on how many attractive men were about but preferred them aged 25 to 55.”

    Sure! The guy is not even convicted, but you have and publish his email address. What the hell is happening there in Canada. Are media allowed to publish such thing, if it were real?

    – “More recently, it appears McArthur was involved with another swarthy man of apparent Iranian background named Ardavan (the Sun is withholding his last name) who travelled with the older man to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last February.”

    More Iran programming. And why is the Sun suddenly withholding a last name, if all the others and the freaking email address of “Bruce McArthur” are in your article?


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