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Michael J Fox update

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I think this video is recent. Not sure what’s more disturbing – watching Fox shake and roll or Jane Pauley’s facial expressions and annoying interviewing technique. Fox appears unshaven and disheveled.

Towards the end, Fox is among alleged Parkinson victims. As expected, he’s doing the most movement.

Like Stephen Hawking, Fox has outlasted most diagnosed patients.

Parkinson’s: Later Diagnosis, Earlier Death

I believe Fox is part of a Medical Celebrity Program, or MCP. This is a lifetime acting role to help fund “unknown” diseases or conditions.

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Real story alert

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I had to dig to find this story – upon being notified that a former co-worker was killed in a crash last night. Those that reported the crash to me couldn’t find any media on the story.

My information differs from this report, saying he crashed into another car and then was hit by a big truck and sandwiched to death.

I’ve noted this story because it shows how real stories are reported with little or no detail, if at all. I’d be surprised if there was any follow up to the story.

If I had to guess what happened, I’d say there was a flash freeze in the area that turned the road into a skating rink. Knowing what I know about our area’s drivers, most don’t bother to lower their speed.

Provincial police are investigating after a man died following a single-vehicle crash on the Burlington Skyway. The incident took place on Jan. 23 at 10:13 p.m. The man, 43, was found dead at the bottom of the Skyway, said OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt. Foul play isn’t suspected.

Source: Man Dies in Burlington Skyway Crash | Halton | inhalton.com

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FAC419-Show notes

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misomYesterday at 8:10 PM

“A Dictionary of Sociology defines a moral panic as “the process of arousing social concern over an issue – usually the work of moral entrepreneurs and the mass media”.”
A moral panic is a feeling of fear spread among a large number of people that some evil threatens the well-being of society. A Dictionary of Sociology defines a moral panic as “the process of arousing social concern over an issue – usually the …

“Examples of moral panic include the belief in widespread abduction of children by predatory paedophiles,[5][6][7] belief in ritual abuse of women and children by satanic cults, the War on Drugs, and other public health issues.”(edited)
20th–21st century: Public health 1950s: Switchblades 1970s–present: Increase in crime 1970s–present: Video games and violence 1970s–present: War on drugs 1980s–1990s: Dungeons & Dragons 1980s–1990s: Satanic ritual abuse 1980s–present: HIV/AIDS 1990s–present: Sex offenders 2000–present: Human trafficking
Moral panics have several distinct features. According to Goode and Ben-Yehuda, moral panic consists of the following characteristics:[8] Concern – There must be the belief that the behaviour of the group or activity deemed deviant is likely to have a negative effect on society. Hostility – Hostility toward the group in question increases, and they become “folk devils”. A clear division forms between “them” and “us”. Consensus – Though concern does not have to be nationwide, there must be widespread acceptance that the group in question poses a very real threat to society. It is important at this stage that the “moral entrepreneurs” are vocal and the “folk devils” appear weak and disorganized. Disproportionality – The action taken is disproportionate to the actual threat posed by the accused group. Volatility – Moral panics are highly volatile and tend to disappear as quickly as they appeared because public interest wanes or news reports change to another narrative.
?? ?????????? ??????? 5 ????? ??? 2010. ? ???? ??????? ????? ????????????? ??? ????? ??? ?????????? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??????????? ?? ???? ??????? ??? ???? ???????? ? ??????????, ??????? ???? ?????????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?????????.

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FAC419-Napoleon Wilson, Gaia, John Adams, Misom

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Also featuring Napoleon Wilson, Gaia, Wantruth4now, Notsofreemason, Deletethelite

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Sherman circus

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Update 1/24: Making a movie

More confusion/media misdirection stories.

Although strange things happening at the Sherman mansion are expected, this had people doing double takes.

As it has been for the past 40 days, a Toronto Police car on Wednesday was out front of the York Mills mansion of billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman, who were found dead inside Dec. 15. Two police forensic vans were also parked inside the yellow tape.

All seemed to be routine until something happened that caught people’s attention.

Up rolled a silver Ford Mustang with a driver that looked like Barry Sherman at the wheel.

The fundamentals of psyOps


Update 12/24 – priming us for not ever knowing – an endless psyOp.


What happens if police never find out who is responsible for the deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman?

Update 12/23


Notice how the above article does not quote even one actual official. These are all clues that we are witnessing a staged and manufactured hoax. Words are chosen carefully to avoid real legal complications.

  • a Toronto police source
  • former homicide detective
  • a detective

The bodies of billionaire Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, were found inside their home at 50 Old Colony Rd. on Dec. 15. Here’s what we know so far: — A Toronto police source told the Star it was the Shermans’ real estate agent, who had been helping sell the home recently listed for $6.9 million, who found the bodies, entering the home after being unable to make contact with the couple. — Hours after the bodies were discovered, a detective confirmed no suspect was being sought and police have not said otherwise in the days since. — A police source confirmed to the Star that an early working theory for investigators was that the deaths were a case of murder-suicide. Barely 24 hours after the Shermans’ bodies were found, their four children released a statement blasting that scenario as a “rumour,” something close friends of the Shermans have also said. — Two days after the bodies were found, the Toronto police homicide squad officially took over as lead investigator; however, neither death has been deemed a homicide. Police are still calling the deaths suspicious. — Toronto police says the cause of death for both Shermans had been “ligature neck compression.” The pathological term describes death from hanging or strangulation with a ligature — an object such as a belt or rope. — A police source told the Star that the couple was found together, by their indoor pool, hanging off a nearby structure in a semi-sitting position. — Former homicide cops told the Star that investigators will be exploring all possibilities in the deaths, including murder-suicide, double suicide or double homicide. — Still yet to come back are toxicology results, which may help provide new information, including whether any drugs had been ingested.

Update 12/21

All the top political actors were out in full force today. The family condemns the conspiracy theories propagated by, who else, the intelligence laced media. The usual smiles and jokes and lack of tears from the family.

This story is going from a whodunit to a media circus. Perhaps now is the time to look into media fakery.

Late Monday, the funeral home Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel confirmed that a service was set for Thursday at 11 a.m. at the International Centre, a large convention centre near Pearson International Airport that can accommodate thousands. The chapel would provide no further details.


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